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Sunday, July 21, 2013
Disco X50 Race Report

I had been training to do the Buffalo Springs 70.3 race, but things did not work out for that, so instead I did the X50 again, the same race as the TexasMan back in May. It should have been really hot for the race, but instead it was raining the whole time! Excellent!

After the usual drive to the park, set up transition and so forth, I headed to the beach to warm up. I got in a bunch of intervals and some butterfly and felt pretty good as they called us out of the water. Thats when I realized I forget to get my chip. I hauled ass up to the transition, about 100 yards, shouting 882. They gave me the chip and thankfully they noticed, as I was running away that I was 886! I actually made it back to the beach seconds before the start.

I hit the water and swam hard as I could until there was no one around. I had one guy to my left where I could keep an eye on him. There was one Mark Spitz imitator way out in front too. There was also one guy on my toes. Perfect. I got the the first turn before the other two guys and hammered it to the next Bouy. This is where I made my second mistake. I thought that there a third buoy where we needed to turn. I could not see it and then I saw the other two yahoos had made the turn to shore. I quickly got on their toes and the three of us pounded it to shore.

Third out of the water

Where is the damn bike? I ran right by my row in transition and had to stop, scratch my head, double back and then there it is. Once located I was out on the bike in 4th position. Jason Soria was ahead by a min or so, and I was not able to catch him. There was no one else around. After about 7 or miles, finally Peter and Pedro turned up. I jumped behind them and we blew by Soria. At the turn around Pete kept going straight LOL. He got sorted out and then the three of us hammered back to where we do the right hand leg. I was right behind Pete when he fishtailed and nearly went down. Then Pete and Pedro got a gap on my that I could not close. Soria and I traded back and forth for the rest of the bike with me coming into transition before him and he getting a jump out of transition.

Where are Pete and Pedro?

I felt pretty good on the first loop of the run. Eric Napple and John Morgan were both close behind. Eric passed me in the first loop. I was very surprised to hold off John until the last turnaround of the second loop. My legs were screaming on the second loop; its a miracle that they did not cramp up.

A few more steps!

I finished 8th overall, 4th over 40, first over 45. Swim was one min slower than May; Bike was 10 min faster than May and the run was 3 min slower than may. Overall six min faster than May.


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