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Saturday, August 03, 2013
Race Report: Pioneer Power Sprint

This was the third year that I have done this event. It supports the TWU Womens Soccer Team so why not?

I had my usual pre-race routine, and was able to get to the race site pretty early and get everything set up. For a change they had the lights on over the pool and I was the first one in and knocked out 800 yards to warm up. Then I changed into my Trisuit and got ready to race.

In spite of excessive swim time exaggeration I only managed to get #14. I was appalled to see really weak swimmers in front of me. And sure as shit these weaklings were hanging on the walls for the first three or four turns. Finally I got some clear water and hammered it home.

Out of the water, only 300 yards and no one in site!

I really should not wear the speed suit for 300 yards!

It took me too long to get the speed suit ripped off in the transition. Once off I was able to get on the bike and get on the road. I was pushing 30+MPH and managed to pass a couple of guys in front of me. After four or five miles BenD came zooming by me. Then ArchieS, then Pedro and then Josue. I felt pretty good on the bike and just focused on keeping my power above 250.

Coming into T2

Arch was not that far in front of me coming out of T2. I felt great and pushed up the cadence. On all of the hard sections, I was able close some ground and on the easier sections, Arch would be pulling ahead. The last section through campus is all up a slight grade. I was able to close quite a bit of the gap. I knew I could not get him, but I still felt great and pushed hard to the finish.

Arch - coming for you bro!

That was good for fifth overall, Overall Grandmaster. I was third overall in the swim - first of the top five; 7th overall on the bike - last of the top five; and 6th overall on the run; 4th of the top five.


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