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Sunday, December 26, 2004
The girls could not sleep Christmas eve. No surprise there. Of course that meant that Fran and I did not get to sleep either! By 7:30am the kids could not stand it any more. The kids were ready to open presents! An hour of chaos ensued which was great fun for all. Finally we were done with all of that. That allowed me to get ready for my final race of the season - The Plano Pacers 3K.

Have I mentioned what perfect racing weather we have been having in Texas this fall? Today was no exception. North Texas had been gripped in the coldest weather in years earlier this week. Saturday morning was no exception starting in the low twenties. However since this was Christmas morning, the Pacers had moved the start back to 10am. That turned out to be a stroke of brillance on their part. It was in the upper 30s by race time with a lot of sun and not much wind. Perfect!

The race started out pretty fast. The first kilometer has a nice challenging up hill section. The second K comes back down the hill. And the last K is nice and flat. I ran strong through the race and was able to turn on the juice for the finish. I finished this one six seconds faster than last year and broke eleven minutes posting a 10:57. That was good for first in my age group and second master overall.

Fran's mom just moved into a smaller townhome this year and as such Fran is now in charge of hosting the Family Christmas dinner and celebration. So I hustled back home from the race. When I pulled into the drive I was surprised to see Fran's mom's truck in the drive. I was more surprised when I opened the garage and the pickup was not in there.

When I got inside I was informed that Logan had knocked a christmas knick knack off of the top of the television set. This item hit her in the eye and Fran had to take Ms. Logan to the hospital for some stitches. Now there is a memorable Christmas present!

Logan Stitches

More Xmas Photos

I hope that all of y'all have a great New Years!



Update Aug 2009 - moved photo from Geocities to Flikr

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