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Sunday, December 19, 2004
Jogr Egg Nogr
Today was another spectacular day for running in Dallas, crisp and cold. The Jogr Egg Nogr features a 15K and a 5K. I like the shorter race and over the years I have run several 5K PRs on this course. The race features a nice downhill start, a turn around that brings you back halfway up the hill, then down another hill to the finish.

I felt really good today, unlike last week at the relay where I was suffering from a cold and had not run for days. Instead I went off from the start smoothly down the big hill on Mockingbird. I hit the mile in 5:39 and coasted to the turn around. I picked off a kid there, then the course goes over this pier that they installed recently. The course climbs back up to the Mockingbird bridge, and I hit the 2 mile in 6:11. I really should have hit that faster, but I was feeling in control. There was a a guy running in front of me and I kept focused on picking this dude off. The course loops under mockingbird on east Lawther and heads to the finish in Norbuck Park. I had closed the gap to the guy in front of me by half and at the 9 mile mark for the 15K I saw Coach Vaughan. The course comes under Buckner Blvd and it was at that corner that I finally passed that guy I had been working on. Good thing too because there is only 400 meters of race course at that point. I kicked it in from there and my split for the third mile was 6:02 and 18:28 for the 5K. My first two splits were the same as two weeks ago, but I had more juice left for the finish and picked up 10 seconds all on that last mile relative to the Rudolph Run. That was good enough for first in my age group and third overall master.

Jogr Egg Nogr 5K Results

Jogr Egg Nogr Photos

Next up is the Plano Pacers 3K scheduled for Christmas Day. Hopefully. :-)



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