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Sunday, December 12, 2004
She Shoots and Scores!
Marissa has been playing on competitive soccer clubs in Dallas for several years now. It has been frustrating for her because she has been behind in development compared to the other kids on her team. Last spring she became the leading scorer on her recreational team. So the problem was that she was in the no mans land between competitive and rec. She had progressed beyond Rec, but was struggling with competitive. This was compounded, literally, when she broke her arm this summer. This fall, she usually only played 5 minutes per game. That made it hard to tell if she was progressing. Well we think that might have changed last night.

This was the first game of the winter indoor season. Coach Ade made Marissa play the whole game - a first for Marissa! About 15 minutes into the first half Marissa's team, the Longhorns, had a nice attack going. Marissa was on the far side of the play, behind the goalie. One of Marissa's teammates passed the ball past the goalie and Marissa put the ball in the net! For the first time in her competitive soccer career, Marissa told us that she had fun in the game.

We are really looking forward to a few more games like that!


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