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Sunday, February 27, 2005
Hill Training Week Three
I have mentioned several times that I have been running hills to build strength. My Coach, Dr. Robert Vaughan follows the principles advanced by the late, great Arthur Lydiard. Both advocate a strength building phase utilizing hill training. For this part of our training we use Flagpole Hill, which is alleged to be the highest point in Dallas.

Hill Training is built on running the hill in form, which is to say that we bound up the hill, leap up the hill, bicycle up the hill and run up the hill. Between hill sets we jog and do intervals. Each week we do two hill sessions.

Week 1 - 3 hills plus 2x:30 and 1x:60 and 12x:08
Week 2 - 3 hills plus 4x:30 and 2x:60 and 16x:08
Week 3 - 4 hills plus 4x:30 and 2x:60 and 16x:08
Week 4 - 4 hills plus 6x:30 and 3x:60 and 20x:08

In "Running with Lydiard" Lydiard writes:
Try to find a hill 300 meters long and rising at a gradient of about one in three...The best layout is a circuit with a smallish, steep hill for uphill work, a less steep hill for downhill running and flattish areas both top and bottom for speed training and jogging.
Shocking, because that is perfect description of Flagpole Hill!

Last week I completed week 3. The last hill in weeks three and weeks four is a fun on run up the hill. Last year during week three my last hills were run in :56 and :50.5. This past week I nailed them on Monday in 48.2 and then on Thursday in 47.5.

These workouts are really exhausting but hugely beneficial. It is nice to see that my condition appears to be significantly better than last year.

Update Feb 11, 07 - Fixed broken link to RV's Bio

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