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Sunday, February 20, 2005
Logan's Good Fortune Continues
Logan Good CitizenLogan has been on a role this week. The picture to the left is her Good Citizen of the Month award. The same one that she thought she'd never get!

Yesterday was Logan's first spring soccer game. Last weekend her opening game was canceled. We had a cool day for Soccer yesterday, but still a good day. Logan played a great game. She played very hard and made some great plays on the ball. She was involved in several attacks, and picked up one assist on a play where she drove the ball from mid field to the goal line and then made the pass to her forward who scored.

Logan played keeper for the last quarter. Her team kept the ball pinned in the offensive end of the field. Which caused Logan to sarcastically comment to me, "Hey Dad, the ball is NEVER going to make it down here." A few seconds later, her teammate scored and the kick off nearly went in the goal because Logan was not paying attention! That will teach her!

One of the opposition Dads asked me how old the girls were. I told him that they were all first graders (I think that we have one in Kindergarten too). He said, "wow they are a lot better than our girls." I did not have the heart to tell him that three of them were playing an age group up and that the lot of them played in the second grade division last fall!

The final score was 5 goals to 1 in favor of Logan's Andromeda team. Afterwards Coach Don told Logan that she had the best performance he had ever seen from her. Needless to say Logan was beaming!


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Hey Skittles!

Congrats on Getting into D1! Nice game this weekend. How do you like that picture of Logan??

hey skittles whats up its logan
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