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Sunday, February 27, 2005
McGehee Update
McGehee is surviving his accident from last week. Barely. I gotta give him credit though; he was at practice Monday and Thursday. He showed up at my house at 6:45 yesterday morning as well.

McGehee has some nice abrasions on his hands and knees. And he had a big nasty shiner on his eye. His glasses were totaled. One week after the accident, it was clear that he was in a lot of pain, particularly the abrasions on his hand.

Yesterday we ran the Firewheel loop from my house. The plan was for an 80 minute run. McGehee was claiming to be sore from Thursday's workout at Flagpole Hill (I hope to post a bit about that soon.) Leaving at 6:45 meant that we would encounter the first wave of golfers and risk being kicked off the golf course.

We headed straight to the golf course. We started on hole 6 of the Bridges Championship 9. Then we cut over to hole 17 and 18 of the Lakes course. From here my loop crosses hole 1 for the Lakes course and then hole 1 of the Old Course. There was a group on the tee of the Lakes course so we went around the pavilion to avoid them. No one was teeing off on the Old Course, so that was lucky for us. We crossed number 1 fairway then cruised straight on to the 13th fairway and were home free.

After 13 we jumped into the neighborhoods for a couple of miles before getting back on the golf course at 4 hole of the Traditions course. Here we run backwards down the fourth and third fairways. They never play this 9 whole course, so it is rare that I see any golfers here. But today as we finished the third fairway, there was a group on the second green. So we dumped to the neighborhood and used the brand road bridge over Rowlett Creek rather than the golf course bridge. Two weeks ago we took the low road and the Marshall came by and kicked us off the course right at the number 1 tee. Today as we were on the bridge, we saw the same marshal at the same spot! Good thing that we took the high road!

McGehee started dragging on the rest of the run. But overall, I'd mark it as a successful training mission. I'm logging it as 10.6 miles. Here is my HR profile. My average HR was down this week. I think that is due mostly to cooler weather. Still I was in my training zone for most of the run.


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