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Sunday, February 20, 2005
Runner Down
Yesterday morning my RP, McGehee, and I set out for an easy 80 minute loop. We were running the standard route from McGehee’s house. It was a nice morning. It had been threatening to rain, but luckily none materialized. It was overcast and in the 50’s.

McGehee began complaining about the pace when we hit mile two in 7:15 pace. But it wasn’t like I was setting the pace! The next two were 7:10, then a 7:01 and a 7:04. By this time McGehee was cutting the corners supposedly to keep up, but since he was cutting, he was ahead most of the way!! Finally McGehee stopped.

I was ahead at this point, which was a long slow up hill grade. McGehee was staggering around trying to take his pulse. He started towards me, and then announced that his HR was 180! So we jogged up the hill. When we got to SH190, I heard a ‘thwomp’, the unmistakable sound of a body hitting the ground hard. I turned and sure enough, there was McGehee lying on the ground.

I went back and picked up his glasses and helped him up. At his feet was the big chunk of concrete that he apparently tripped over. McGehee was a mess. He was bleeding from his knee, his hand, and his face. But other than that, he was in pretty good shape – no broken bones or anything! We started to walk, and I noticed that more blood was running down his face. On closer inspection it was clear that he was going to have a nice shiner! It was also clear that the wound next to his eye was gapping enough to require professional care.

McGehee was not too happy with my analysis. Several F-Bombs were dropped mixed in with, “I don’t have time for any of that Sh#t.” Well ya know whatever dude!

So with that I took off at tempo pace to get back to his house, get a rag and some ice, the car and then take him to the ER. It’s about a mile and half from SH190 to the McGehee bungalow. I ran the first mile at 6:08. The tempo felt good! I got all the stuff and circled back and got McGehee. Except that the stubborn old cuss would not go to the ER. He insisted that I take him home to get ‘cleaned up’. At first I told him no way, after all he was the one that got knocked on the noggin. But then I relented. I figured Jane, his wife, could talk some sense into him.

So, I only got 70 minutes in, but I had a nice 10 minute tempo!


Later McGehee reported that indeed they fixed the gash at the hospital using the new superglue technique! He also told me that he was trying to punch in the split on his new fancy watch which is what distracted him enough so that he failed to see that big rock in his path! I’ll bet McGehee is sore on Monday when we are supposed to run hills!

Update Aug 09: Moved HR Profile from Geocities to Flickr

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