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Thursday, February 03, 2005
Some Catching up to do
Today I finished the first part of the large software project that I have been working on. As such, I can begin to catch up on some blog entries. So here goes....

It has been raining in North Texas and the back door is showing no signs of leaks.

That dumb Possum has been cleaned up off the side of the road.

I produced 80, that's right 80, PowerPoint slides for two presentations that I delivered over three days. The first one was at HQ in California Friday, and the second one was Monday and Tuesday of this week. Thank heavens those activities are completed.

Terps continue to be Psychotic beating number 2 Duke, then knocking off a ranked Wake Forest Team. Then they loose to Clemson. Clemson? Yup, they lost to Clemson for the first time in eight years. Unreal.

The Catamounts continue to be on a role. They are undefeated in the America East and some are talking like they will earn a spot in the NCAA even if they blow the America East Tourney! ESPN has added Vermont at Nevada as a Bracket Buster game Later this month.

I went skiing this past weekend at Heavenly. I have an interesting story about that which I will publish this weekend.

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