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Monday, February 14, 2005
Spring Soccer Season
This weekend represented the start to spring soccer season! Last year it snowed here in Dallas on Valentines Day, which really screwed things up for Soccer. This year was a bit better.

Logan's game was Saturday at 3:00. It started sprinkling about 2pm. I told Logan that I thought that they might cancel her game. She told me that she hoped that was not the case because she wanted to score a goal for me!

We got to Enfield Park in Plano at 2:30 and while it was wet it was not bad. Logan jumped out of the car with her ball and demanded that I attempt to get it from her. Which I could not. I tried hard too. She is pretty good with the ball.

At about 2:45 it started coming down harder. Coach Don told the parents that it was their call about whether to call the game. Don was standing under an umbrella with a whole mess of Logan's teammates huddled under him. He looked at me and instructed me to go over and discuss the issue with the Ref and the other coach - since I was already soaked!

When I walked up the ref asked me what I thought about the rain. I said that I thought we should call the game. The other coach agreed and pointed out that there have been lots of sick kids at school. So the ref called the game - which means that it will be rescheduled at a later date.

Logan and I then went down to Christies to watch the Catamounts!

Marissa's game was Sunday. By Sunday monring the rain had cleared. What was not clear was whether or not the fields were too wet to play on. I called the Frisco hot line and it said, "Today is November 1, all games will be played." Not too long after I made that call, Fran called the hotline. She is the team mom, and had not realized that I called. In that short amount of time they had changed the message to say that the fields were closed. So Fran called all the players to say "game canceled." A couple of minutes after that, one of the mom's called back to say that SHE called the hotline and it said that the Game was back on! And indeed, investigation determined that a third message had made its way to the Frisco Soccer Association Hot line. Sheesh. So we called all the parents back to say that the game was indeed being played.

It was a spectacular day in North Texas, sunny with highs in the 70s. Marissa had a couple of nice attacks and a few shots on goal. However, her team came up short 3 goals to 2.

Any way you slice it, though, opening weekend was much better than last year!

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