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Saturday, February 26, 2005
When the going gets weird Part 2
So anyone who has been following this blog knows that I am a bit fanatical about Maryland and Vermont Basketball. Maryland is a major program with a big time coach and of course they won the national championship two years ago. Vermont is small time program in a small time conference.

I grew up in Maryland in the DC suburbs watching the Terps. I loved watching Lefty, Len Bias, and the whole slew of great Terrapin players. The ACC is the best conference in basketball. Back then we had Dean Smith and the great Carolina teams and players. It does not get bigger than Jordan. Right? Right. So that's why I love the Terps.

I went to school at UVM so enough said about that!

So today my worlds collided.

UVM announced that they have hired Mike Lonergan to take over for Tom Brennan who is retiring after this season. Lonergan is an assistant coach at Maryland.

How weird is that??

I'm all smiles!

[UPDATE: I just have to include these comments from Lonergan posted on the Terps Web Site. You KNOW this means a UVM-MD game as soon as they can schedule it. Wow!!]

I must say this is kind of a strange hire. Why would they do it now? Why not promote the assistant coach? Is he a former player or does he have some other tie to Vermont?

I hope the Catamounts get in if they lose in the American East tourney.
None of the Vermont assistants have solid head coaching credentials. Lonnegan has impressive credentials as head coach at another small school - Catholic University. And now has worked under Williams at Maryland for a year. Seems like a really good match from that perspective. Lonnegan has no other ties to Vermont - He is a Maryland boy like me. I hope he likes Winter! :-)

If the Cats lose in the America East to BU or maybe Northeastern - I think that they have a shot to get in. If they lose to Stony Brook then they are finished!

Of course I think that the'll sweep the America East, because if they make the finals the'll play the Championship game in Burlington.
Here is a link to the UVM Coaches Page. As I suspected none have head coaching experience.
It makes snese except for the timing. Why wouldn't Lonnegan wait and see if a "better" oppurtunity came up. Vermont has 5 senior starters, as good as they are this year next year could be tough.

The America east will be tough. Fortunately BU Northeastern probably will have to play each other.
I think that ESPN reported that Lonegan is getting a five year contract. With the seniors gone, it will be tough next year. I guess he simply got a deal that he could not refuse!
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