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Saturday, June 04, 2005
Tuesday is the 1500. So in preparation for that, today I had 2x1000. Target pace for these is slightly faster than 1500 race pace which comes out to 75 per lap. It was hot and humid this morning and the wind was coming from the east, which was right in my face for the first turn. That kind of set me off balance and try as I might I just did not find a groove. I came through 400 in 79. 79! Acckk. Now I tried to pick up the pace, but that effort only resulted in an 80. Knowing that there was only 200 to go, I kicked it in with a 38. 3:18.99.

Coach Vaughan told me that sometimes with the humidity it is kind of hard to get warmed up. Well my legs felt dead - I don't know about the humidity! Anyway I jogged four laps and did some strides then got ready for the second 1000.

This time I focused on fast turnover and figured even if it killed me, I was going to run at least 75 on the first lap - which I did! But then I followed that up with a 79 and then a 39 for 3:13.77.

Well - it’s in the bag. And hopefully I will be well rested for the 1500 Tuesday!

I followed up practice with a stop at the good Starbucks which lived up to its reputation!

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