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Sunday, June 12, 2005
When I got to the track this morning it was pretty clear that I was not fully recovered from Thursday’s practice. My hamstrings were particularly tight!

Anyhow, the goal for the 320 is to run the first turn fast but relaxed, pick up the pace on the backstretch and hold on for dear life around the last turn. I ran 15.69 for the first 100, 15.23 for the backstretch and 15.46 for last turn with 3.77 for the final 20. That’s 50.15 for 320 and 46.38 for the 300. Coach Vaughan was very pleased with the effort and the tactics. I figure that’s about 62 maybe a bit better for the 400.

I took twenty minutes rest before the second 320. Coach Vaughan reinforced the strategy noted above. I hit the first turn running fast and relaxed; I picked it up on the backstretch; and really concentrated on form for the finish. I thought I did well. When I got back to the start coach was yaking with one of the runners. I changed shoes and looked at the splits on my watch. I saw two 16s and realized that I blew it. I walked up to the stands and coach sez, well you went out too slow, the last 100 was the fastest. :-(
My splits were: 16.47, 16.10, 15.56, 3.70 – 300 in 48.13, 320 in 51.83.

In spite fo that, with a couple of days of recovery I should be ready for the 400 meters Tuesday!

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