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Thursday, June 09, 2005
Hot day at the track
Today's workout was 8x150. I don't know exactly how hot it was out there, but McGehee said that the heat index was over 100. It was scorching. Now the good news is that Brooks sent me a buncha stuff that I got on Monday. Two Singlets, shorts, pants, two new pairs of training shoes (Burn) and a new pair of spikes - The Nerve LD. So I was all set - looking good in my new duds and feeling fast with the new spikes.

Coach Vaughan warned me not to go out too fast. Each one needs to be faster than the next. He did not say it, but I also know his rule - two intervals each slower than the previous is grounds for the workout to end.

So...(these are splits for the last 100):


So far so good. Now at the point Coach tells me that I am going to have to be running super fast if I keep dropping my times. Joe Vaughan, one my team mates, and no relation to Coach Vaughan added his two cents, something like I was really sandbagging.


OK now what I heard coach say was 14.99 so I said "oh no" and I am thinking I gotta beat that on this next one, or I wont get to do the last one. The Vaughans both say Oh no is right, cause they figure thats it there cant be anymore gas in the tank. So this next one I just gave it everything.


I ask Coach was that last one 14.99? He then says no it was 13.99. Ahhh. Ok so one more - nothing to lose. As coach sez, anyone can do one.


OK that was two slower in a row, so good thing workout was over. Coach Vaughan told me that was a good effort with the last three being the fastest. Excellent.

I did the same workout on May 11 and came up with:

15.1, 15.0, 14.9, 14.6, __, 14.3, 14.4, 14.8

So I think I am clearly stronger today compared to a month ago.

I have 2x320 on Saturday, then the 400 on Tuesday.

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