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Friday, August 26, 2005
This is good to see
USA cycling is coming to the defense of Lance.

Thursday, August 25, 2005
Defending Lance
I hope everyone out there is able to see through L'Equipe's attack on Lance. As Lance has pointed out, he has no way to defend himself. This is because there are no control samples available to validate the tested samples. More sadly, is the apparent lack of security around the samples in question.

On a more positive note, Linda Armstrong will be visiting the kid's school sometime this fall!

IT Meltdown
Recently we had an IT meltdown at the homestead. We run the IT infrastructure on two Windows Servers a PDC and BDC. Each of these boxes has other jobs as well. The fiasco began when Fran started complaining that she could not get on the internet. I checked the usual suspects: the wireless access point; the router; and the cable modem; and I found them all to be in working order. The PDC was not responding however. Then I discovered that I could not hit the internet from my regular PC either which went through the router rather than the wireless. I quickly realized that I was not resolving any domain names.

The BDC was alive and should have taken over the DNS role from the PDC. Looking closer I realized that I had fatfingered the address of the ISP's DNS server. Problem solved.

However, the PDC would not boot at all. That was scary, because I have a bunch of stuff on the drives of that machine. The machine was powering up, but not even getting to the BIOS. This machine has dual P3 600 processors. So on a whim, I pulled one of the processors. Voila! The machine fired up! Then I swapped the processors and it still ran. But if I put them both in. Nothing.

After I zipped it all up and started it back up, I found that I could not hit the PDC on the network. Further investigation revealed that the NIC was bad. I have a boneyard in the attic. I pulled down a machine up there which had a half a gig of RAM and two NICS! I replaced the NIC and added all the RAM which puts the PDC now at almost a gig of RAM.

Finally joy!

I guess that the machine took a spike which knocked out the NIC and whatever component manages the dual processors.

Friday, August 19, 2005
HST's Big Weekend
It looks like they are gonna blow HST's ashes into the sky this weekend!

That reminds me. I created a clipblog. If you are interested in the kinda crap that interests me, then you mind find something interesting there.

No one likes to get a shot
Particularly my friend P! Talk about Flashes of Panic! Anyway, the sad end to P's story is that he had to get injected just as I suspected would happen.

All of this reminded me of the rubella outbreak that occurred back in around 1982 or so when I was still a student at UVM. Basically everyone had to show up with their vaccination records to prove that you had been immunized or else you had to get the shot. So I showed up and handed over my records. The clerk was not pleased with the paperwork that I presented. She said nothing but instead disappeared and then returned with someone of authority. I was introduced at that time to head of the State of Vermont department of Public Health; the surgeon general of Vermont if you will.

It was then that Dr. Vermont explained to me the problem. You see my paperwork said that I received my injections in 1964. The problem was that the rubella vaccine was not made available to the public until 1965. I could see that I had put Dr. Vermont in a very strange position. She did not want to accuse me of fraud, but at the same time, she had an epidemic on her hands and she did not need this kind of headache. So she explained to me how there was a school of thought around how these vaccines loose their effectiveness after twenty years and so I should really consider just getting the shot once more.

I have to say that I really did not want to get the shot and like P, I thought dammit why should I? But, at the same time it was somewhat easier to just go with the flow. So I got the injection. Again.

Later that day I called my father to ask why the hell I had seemingly fraudulent documentation. He explained to me that I was part of a group of children that participated in early clinical trials. Well that's just great, I thought, my dad thought so highly of me at age 3, that I was used as an experiment on potentially lethal vaccines. Sheesh!

So you'd think that was the end of the story - but no. Last year I had to get a whole bunch of vaccines before going over to India. The nurse over at world travel that consulted with me on what I needed suggested that I get the rubella vaccine since it had been 20 years since my last one! I think that they have this thing scripted!

Long time, no blog
Recently I ran into my buddy Terry who I have not seen in quite a while. He sez, "July 25". I'm like "what?" He repeats, "July 25." I'm like, "dude, what the hell does that mean?" That's when he reminded me that July 25 is the date of my last blog entry. Heck, I had no idea anyone except my mother was even paying attention!

Well all I have to say for myself is that the tour de france blogging really wore me out!

But there is lots to report on Soccer, Work, Running and all of my other favorite subjects! Stay tuned!

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