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Saturday, November 26, 2005
Always Start a New Project with New Tools
As promised, I tackled the gate project yesterday. I ripped down the wood on the gate. It turns out it was more rotten than I expected. I decided that I would replace the 4" dog eared pickets on the gate with a 6" board on board configuration. The gate is 244" wide. I figured that I would use 3" spacing between the boards. Then it was off to Home Depot for parts:

1 pint of primer for the frame
1 pint of flat black paint for the frame
1 quart of paint thiner
9 - 2x3x8 boards for the frame
3 - 1x4x8 boards for the top of the gate
53 - 1x6x6 boards for the gate
25 - 1/4 x 3.5 inch carridge bolts
25 - 1/4 bolts
5 lbs - deck screws
2 - Gallons of stain

According the Hughes Rule of Project Management no project should be undertaken without the purchase of new tools. Yesterday I picked up a spray gun to assist with painting the gate frame. Total damage: $325.

The plan was that I would take the kids to the their game this morning, while Fran would start painting the pickets. When I got back from the game I would start striping and painting the frame. It is worth noting that we have not had ANY rain for months. I guess I should have planned this project a bit earlier. Anyway when we walked out of the soccer complex, it was pouring rain!

Fran had moved her painting project into the garage. When I got home, I helped with the pickets until it finally started to dry up. Then I attacked the frame with my sander. That worked well, so I dragged the compressor over to the gate and tried out my new sprayer. Perfect!

And thats pretty much where we stand right now. All the wood has been finished and is stacked up in the garage. The frame is primed and tomorrow first thing, I'll put the finish coat on it. Then I'll let that set up during the 'Skins game. And hopefully by 3:30 I can begin bolting up the wood.

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