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Saturday, November 26, 2005
Superblue98 - 2 Fire Angels 3
By a quirk of scheduling we had a rematch with the Fire Angels just six days after we shut them out. They were ready for us yesterday! Coach Don had a conflict, so Coach Christina filled in. Logan was pressed into service as the keeper for the first half. Logan gave up three goals: two tough ones where the Angels got ahead of our defense and one sloppy one which may not have been a goal at all. Logan grabbed the ball before it went over the line, the ref did not want to call it but the girl stopped playing.

The ladies played hard the second half and got a couple of goals back but fell short of the win.

So in three quarters we shut out the Angels 4-0 and the one quarter with Logan in the goal they shut us out 3-0. I am not sure if the difference is Logan's play on the field or her play in goal.

Nonetheless, it was an incredibly competitive set of games. Extremely fun to watch.

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