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Sunday, November 27, 2005
SuperBlue99 - 5 Strikers - 1
This was a milestone game in the Hughes household for two reasons: 1 - This was Reagan Kelley's first game ever; 2 - this was Logan's first game ever with a 99 team.

I tried to talk Reagan into playing recreational soccer this fall, but she would have none of that. She ONLY wanted to play with Coach Don. The friggin kid has been totally brainwashed by YEARS of watching her sisters play competitive soccer. Reagan was too young to remember when both Marissa and Logan played rec ball. So Reagan is starting her career by playing a year up in competitive soccer, and indoors. As long as she is having fun, I am cool with it. Wild.

Reagan was pretty funny to watch on the field today. When Dave sent her out, she found her position and just stood there. Finally she started to move. By the end of the game she was running around all over the place. I have no sense how she will develop as a player, but she certainly is enjoying herself, which is the most important thing.

Meanwhile, Logan has naturally played a year up since most 98s are second graders as she is. But she has a late birthday, and there are several circumstances that will prevent her from continuing to play with the 98s. Which has lead to her current situation playing on both the 99 and 98 teams.

So, back to today's action. Logan was picked to play keeper in the first half. She was spectacular, allowing nothing, while her team mates picked up three goals. Logan can punt the crap out of the ball - once she gets her hands on the ball, she will usually put it in play at the mid field line. The other three keepers (our other keeper and the two that played for the strikers) were lucky to get the ball 15 yards kicking or throwing.

On the field Logan started as a defender, but quickly gained control of the ball and pushed it right up to the goal. Dave called her over and gave her a big lecture about playing her position. Then Dave moved her up to mid or forward. Logan drove the ball to the goal and worked it around the keeper for the fourth goal of the game. Later she got the ball again and took it to the right post, but got trapped by three defenders. Logan simply moved the ball around to the right over the top and then made an inside pass right behind the keeper. One of her team mates handled the ball and found net for the last goal.

It was a fitting end to a milestone game for both ladies!

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