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Saturday, November 26, 2005
Texans - 0 Spirit94 - 4
45 minutes after Logan's game, Marissa's team took the field against he Spirit 94. Spirit are a year older than our girls. But their shortest girl was at least six inches taller than our tallest girl. And their tallest girl was probably taller than me, and had almost 2 feet on Marissa! It was pretty intimidating!

On top of that Katie, our keeper, was out of town. According to the depth chart, Brenna is the backup keeper. In 27 games, upmteen practices and scrimmages, Brenna has never played or practiced keeper. But ya know, ya can't argue with the depth chart and let's face it someone had to do the job.

Brenna was phenomenal! Katie is possibly the best athlete on the team, but Brenna was tremendous. Between her play and that of the rest of the team, we were able to shut out the amazon women for 19 and half minutes. Given the size discrepancy, that was amazing. Someone walked up to me to ask who were these little girls who were holding off this clearly larger team?

As I have said before soccer is a game of attrition. As the girls tired, the amazon women took control. The girls played really tough and Marissa had two scoring opportunities. Everyone was really proud of how they played and they certainly played a closer game than the score revealed.

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