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Friday, December 30, 2005
I got up early this morning and headed to the rent house to meet with the second plumber about the Evil Blue Pipe. Ed, a Chiefs fan finally turned up with his sidekick the cowboys fan. Ed was pretty cool. He quoted me $1950 to replace the pipe, which he estimated at 36 feet. Ed would put in new 1" copper grade M. My brother suggested Grade K copper. Now Ed told me that the K is too stiff for the job - which makes sense to me. Ed told me that they could do the job in a day and that the water would only be off for 45 minutes or so. If I do the job, Ed will get the contract.

Before Ed got there, I had inspected my hole, which was about 1/3 filled with water. The question is was this water from the leak? Or was it seeping in from the highly saturated ground around the hole? Today I brought my shop-vac with me to pump out the water. Which I did. I also dug up a bit around the exposed pipe and the leaky joint. Then stupid joint started to leak again. So I shut off the water and removed the joint. It came apart pretty easily. Then I went to Lowes and found the correct replacement - two 3/4 inch PB compression fittings. I replaced the joint with the new parts and turned on the water. The new parts seem to be holding just fine. So I think I will see what happens over the next week before committing to get Ed on the job.

Fran wanted to go to the Stars game for News Years Eve. Sharon my long time admin assistant has season tickets and found a pair for me today. So I picked up those on the way home.

And I picked up the reflector that I broke yesterday on Fran's truck.

Fran got her organizer today and was very happy.

When I got home Fran surprised me with a New Motorola RAZR V3 Cell phone! Fran's V600 had died because she is cursed when it comes to electronics. So she went ahead and replaced my V600 as well. The RAZR is certainly cool. The V600 has been by far the best phone I have ever owned. I hope the RAZR can do better!

When I got home, I went to replace the speakers in Fran's Truck. When I pulled the new speakers out of the box I realized that I got the wrong ones. The ones I bought are 4x6, but the ones in the truck are 6x9. Drats. Did I mention that there are SIX of them? That now need to be returned. And SIX more that need to be purchased. Thats 18 frigging speakers!! Sheesh. Also Fran finally figured out that I removed the drivers side door speaker and had not put one back in its place. ooops!

Then I took Marissa to her game. Their team lost 0-3. My friend Amy was coaching the game before Marissa's game. She watched a bit of Marissa's team play, then she collected my Huge Freaking Notebook on Software Development Product Lifecycle. (Sidenote: Amy is a programmer who worked for me back in my Nielsen days and her company is doing some PLC work. My Huge Freaking Notebook is the definitive source on BIG PLC. If you are into that sort of thing. Which I am not. In spite of my ownership of the definitive source. 'nuff said.)

Tomorrow I have to get up at O-Dark-Thirty to take Logan and Reagan to their 7:30am soccer game on the other side of the universe. So I need to cut this diatribe short and get my ass into bed.

Here is the remaining status of the Honey Do list:

* Fix the stupid plug on Fran's laptop
* Fit more new parts on the motorcycle
* Return the stupid SIX wrong speakers for Frans Truck
* Get SIX more correctly fitting speakers for Frans Truck
* Replace the SIX speakers in Fran's truck
* Rotate the tires on my truck
* Fix the OS on Big Daddy
* Fix the stupid Tivo
* Fix Marissa's very smart computer (its apparently running slow)
* Take Fran to the Stars Game on News Years Eve
* Get up at O-Dark-Thirty and Take the kids to soccer on News Years Eve

Here is the list of stuff that is now done:

* Clean the air cleaner on my truck
* Paint and caulk the gable vents
* Fix the garage door: Phase A, Phase B.
* Take down all the Christmas Decorations and stick them in the attic
* Install the Kuryakyn Levers, mirrors and covers on the motorcycle
* Purchase Fran an organizer
* Replace the stupid fuel filter in my truck
* Replace the stupid fuel filter in Chuck's truck
* Install the new faucet and valves in the kitchen
* Fix the stupid leak at the rent house: Phase A, Phase B
* Get kicked off the company ski team.
* Get tickets to the Stars Game
* Give Amy the HFN
Take Marissa to her soccer game

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