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Thursday, December 29, 2005
Blue Pipe is Evil and other projects...
Yesterday I finished up with the Garage Door project, which turned out to be a bit more tricky than I originally envisioned. Several years ago the arm which connects the door to the opener had come loose. I had reconnected it but in retrospect is was reattached too low on the door which had caused some extra torque on supporting member which I fixed Tuesday. So I moved the support arm and I also noticed that it had been upside down, which contributed to the torque problem. Still after all of that, the door was still striking the opener rail. I had hoped that moving the arm would solve that problem, but it did not. So I fabricated a bracket which would raise the rail about and inch and a half. Upon inspection I could see that one of the hinges was still not operating properly. So I replaced a sheet metal screw with a lag bolt and pounded out the dents a bit more and finally I proclaimed the garage door working and complete.

Then I packed up my truck and headed to the rent house. The front lawn was completely mushy as was the neighbors yard. I recall that there was a shutoff valve in the front bed that had been lost to the landscaping many years ago. I surmised that the valve might be the source of the problem. I took an iron rebar and used that to find the long lost valve box. Then I had to clear out the hawthorn bushes which had taken over the valve box. Then I started to dig. Finally I had dug out the valve box. The valve was totally disintegrated. I turned on the water and it was clear that the leak was coming up from the service line rather than the valve. So I excavated more of the service line and tried again. This time I could see the water squirting out from connection which attached the service line, which is blue plastic, to the pipes that lead inside the house, which are copper. It looked like a compression fitting so I tightened it up and that seemed to fix the problem.

So then I called my brother who is a master plumber. And that's when I learned that BLUE PIPE IS EVIL. Apparently there have been lawsuits and settlements and according to my brother, there are only three things that one can count on in life: Death, Taxes, and Blue Pipe will fail. Drats.

Today I called the Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center. I learned that if my pipe had failed within ten years of when it was installed (1988) it would have been covered. And the claim would have had to been filed by year eleven which would have been 1999. Except that the stupid lawsuit had not even been filed by then. So basically I am outta luck. Unless I want to sue Shell Oil myself. Which I might just do. Since I am so pissed off.

So it looks like I will need to get someone to replace the 25 feet of service line before the rest of that sucker blows!

So here is the remaining status of the Honey Do list:

* Fix the stupid leak at the rent house - Phase B
* Fix the stupid plug on Fran's laptop
* Fit more new parts on the motorcycle
* Replace the SIX speakers in Fran's truck
* Rotate the tires on my truck
* Fix the OS on Big Daddy
* Fix the stupid Tivo
* Fix Marissa's very smart computer (its apparently running slow)

Here is the list of stuff that is now done:

* Clean the air cleaner on my truck
* Paint and caulk the gable vents
* Fix the garage door: Phase A, Phase B.
* Take down all the Christmas Decorations and stick them in the attic
* Install the Kuryakyn Levers, mirrors and covers on the motorcycle
* Purchase Fran an organizer
* Replace the stupid fuel filter in my truck
* Replace the stupid fuel filter in Chuck's truck
* Install the new faucet and valves in the kitchen
* Fix the stupid leak at the rent house: Phase A

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