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Sunday, December 11, 2005
Dallas White Rock Marathon Relays
Since I had stopped training last June in order to rehab my screwed up hip, I have not run more than five miles, nor I have run anything faster than 7:30 pace. In spite of that my co-workers conned me into running with them on a relay team.

It all started when one of the sales guys told me that a bunch of them were planning on putting two teams together for the Marathon Relay. I told them that I had just started running and I could not run fast. He said, "can you do 8 min per mile?" At the time I thought this was an innocent query, but now I see that it was a salesguy setup. "Yeah I can do that," I replied confidently. That's when he said, "well Chris that's as fast as anyone else in the office can run! " So I was in.

I had decided to run the first leg of the relay. Its a long leg at 6 miles and its net uphill. So I was up early and happened to notice a message on my cell. It turns out that the chick who was supposed to run second missed her plane and would not be running. I called Kerry, who was the third leg and who was responsible for this girl joining our team. We agreed to split her leg. I'd meet Kerry at mile 8.

It was a phenomenal morning for racing. 35 degrees at the start. Everyone was overdressed, but I was in my shorts and Brooks singlet. We had fireworks and an F22 flyover - then we were off. It felt good, but I suspected that I was a bit fast, which was confirmed when I hit the mile mark in 7:00. But I continued and my next splits were: 7:18, 7:15, 7:26, 7:29, 14:48 (two miles), 6:40 for about nine tenths. I thought I might be able to run faster than 8 min miles but there was no way that I thought I could run every mile under 7:30. And by the way that's for eight miles - I reiterate - I have not run more than five miles in six months.

It turns out that the second team from our office failed to enter, much less run. We had a wager for bragging rights and lunch - and it looks like we won that. Kerry ran 7 miles, Danny 5, and Larry 6.2. Our team time was nothing special - but the key thing is that finished and will be dined appropriately!

I LOVE relays! They are so good for feeling like a "team" when running is so solitary. As long as the participants are all good people and don't get ticked off that you missed your goal by a second...
Yeah I like them too. I think that this is the seventh or eighth relay that I have put together for white rock. The problem is that there is ALWAYS some sort of screw up! This year runner two got stuck in Vegas. Last year I lost a runner to injury. So I guess I am a bit tired of that aspect. In fact last year I had resolved to run the Half this year. But then I got hurt and these yahoos talked me back into the relay. So whatcha going to do??
You should come to NE in September and run Reach the Beach with us!
hmmm.....I'd consider doing that! :-)
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