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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Ebay Mania
On Christmas Eve Fran finally got around to informing me of her desire to have a PDA organizer. So with some research she decided that the Sharp OZ-590A will do. On Monday I found this eBay auction for the same. Now if you look at the bid history you will see that there were two rookies that had been going at it since Christmas Eve in an effort to win this item. Each would raise the other the minimum bid amount ($.25). I lobed a bid in there on Monday just to announce my presence. Yesterday I watched these two turkeys battle it out as the auction closed. With two minutes remaining they each upped the other with the minimum bid amount (now $.50). The stakes were getting higher as newbie pushed the offer to $7.54. With 27 seconds on the clock I struck with a bid of 10.05. They would have to raise the bid six times with the minimum bid amount to win. Rookie2 quickly countered with 13 seconds on the clock, and amazingly he offered more than the minimum - but in his excitement his bid was less than twice the minimum so it was really ineffectual. That pushed my offer to $9.50 as the clock ran down. WE WON!

God I love the psychology of EBAY! :-)

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