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Monday, December 26, 2005
Honey Do's
And I don't mean melons. I bought Fran one of these fancy Hansgrohe faucets to replace the 10 year old Moen in our kitchen. I had noticed that the crappy valves weren't working either - so I needed to replace those too. And, the Moen had trim to fit over a standard 3 hole sink. The Hansgrohe did not - so I needed to get some trim thingys as well. First stop Home Depot. I found a nice stainless plug for one hole. I figured I'd put a soap dispenser in the second hole. The depot had chrome dispensers but not nickel or stainless. And the depot did not have the nice quarter turn ball valves. So I punted on the Depot and headed to Lowes - which conveniently is right next door. Lowes had my valves, they also had a brushed nickel soap dispenser. But only chrome plugs. So I got the valves and soap dispenser and went back to the depot to get my plug and then headed home and finished the installation. Neither Depot nor Lowes had a stainless "air gap" which is the doo-hicky for the dishwasher - so I still need to upgrade that. But the rest of the install went perfectly!

Now before all of that, I had Fran's Step dad bring his Expedition over so that I could change his fuel filter. The freaking filter requires this little plastic "tool" which costs a half a cent to make and it pisses me off that they just don't include the stupid thing with each filter. My truck also needed a new fuel filter so I did that one too.

It was a beautiful day and one that necessitated taking the bike over to the depot. I recently purchased new Kuryakyn levers, mirrors and covers for the brake and clutch reservoirs. So I put those on the bike before making my run the depot.

For the rest of the week:

* Fix the stupid garage door
* Fix the stupid leak at the rent house
* Fix the stupid plug on Fran's lapop
* Clean the air cleaner on my truck
* Fit more new parts on the motorcycle
* Replace the SIX speakers in Fran's truck
* Rotate the tires on my truck
* Take down all the Christmas Decorations and stick them in the attic
* Fix the OS on Big Daddy
* Fix the stupid Tivo

There has gotta be more....

You crack me up.
It's a shame to have so much that generates so many stupid things to do! LOL!
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