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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Yesterday I worked on the garage door. This is a doublewide unit where two pillars had sheared completely and two hinges had fallen apart. Yesterday I reinforced the broken pillars and I repaired the two hinges. Part of the repair required using epoxy which had to set up overnight. So phase two of the repairs will come today. I had allowed the door to be run without proper adjustment, and I am sure that's what caused the damage. So today I will adjust the stupid thing.

Yesterday we took down all of the Christmas stuff outside and got that put away. While I was on the ladder, I tool the opportunity to paint and caulk the gable vents.

I also cleaned the air filter on my truck.

So here is the remaining status of the Honey Do list:

* Fix the stupid garage door: Phase B
* Fix the stupid leak at the rent house
* Fix the stupid plug on Fran's laptop
* Fit more new parts on the motorcycle
* Replace the SIX speakers in Fran's truck
* Rotate the tires on my truck
* Fix the OS on Big Daddy
* Fix the stupid Tivo
* Fix Marissa's very smart computer (its apparently running slow)

Here is the list of stuff that is now done:

* Clean the air cleaner on my truck
* Paint and caulk the gable vents
* Fix the garage door: Phase A
* Take down all the Christmas Decorations and stick them in the attic
* Install the Kuryakyn Levers, mirrors and covers on the motorcycle
* Purchase Fran an organizer
* Replace the stupid fuel filter in my truck
* Replace the stupid fuel filter in Chuck's truck
* Install the new faucet and valves in the kitchen

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