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Monday, January 09, 2006
To ride or not to ride?
In June it became apparent that my hip was seriously screwed up requiring that I stop running. From July through October I did physical therapy to get my hip working better. My hip is now mechanically OK, but I still have a bunch of hip pain. For the first two months of PT I was not making good progress. Then my therapist put me on the bike. Pain went away, any my hip stability improved!

Saturday Marissa and I went to the rent house to fill in the hole from repairing the Evil Blue Pipe. Marissa had brought her bike to ride around the block in case she got bored. On the way home Marissa told me that she wanted a new bike, something cooler than the ride she has. Cool apparently means Blue rather than Purple - at least as much as I could tell. Marissa also wanted me to get a bike so that I could ride with her.

One my running buddies, Terry, has long recommended Plano Cycle and Terry's Daughter works there. So that's where Marissa and I went. I rode a Specialized Allez and a Cannondale R800. Now I can't claim to know jack about bikes, but the Cannondale was clearly the smoother ride. So I called Fran. She basically shot the idea down. When I got home she told me that I should buy a bike for $100 from Walmart. Hmmmmm. Clearly I had done a poor job selling this idea.

Sunday Marissa rode her uncool bike with me while I ran 55 minutes.

Today I headed to Walmart at lunch. Well needless to say I did not find much to work with. Sigh.

After work I got into my running gear and headed out to the Sting Complex to pick up Logan. I ran 45 minutes at the facility while waiting for Logan.

After practice Logan and I headed home. When I opened the garage this is what I found:

Needless to say, I am currently in a state of shock.

Terry - It's time to ride!

Wow! Awesome bike!

I used to have a Cannondale 'hybrid' a few years ago. Very nice bikes.
Thanks. I'm pretty pumped up!
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