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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Workout Notes
Last Thursday (the 9th) - 60 Minutes Easy Distance from the club at noon. HR - 164 average, 179 Max. 7 miles according to Gmaps.

Friday too much work.

Saturday too damn cold and windy. Took Marissa to her soccer game which was brutal - must have been 35 degrees with 30 mph wind. After that, I was spent.

Sunday - Also cold and windy, but Terry called me up and suggested that we do some intervals on the bike. There is a locally famous loop down the road that is 1.3K according to Gmaps. Lance used to race the Tuesday Crits here and wrote about it in "It's not about the bike."

On Tuesday nights there was a series of criteriums held on an old loop around those empty Richardson fields.

Anyway, Terry and I did 10x2:00min on, 2:00min off around these same empty fields. HR Ave 153, Max 182. I was hammering on the 182. Meanwhile Terry was cruising easy in my wake! Too Funny.

The loop is five miles down the road from home and squarely between Terry and my house. On my way home, I pulled up to the stoplight at Shilo and Renner. Uh oh - Feet, feet, right out except, wind coming strong from right. Bam. Fell over to the left. In front of everyone else waiting at the light looking at the idiot on the bike. How embarrassing.

Terry and I are gonna tentatively do a loop down to White Rock and back on Saturday. That's fifty miles from Terry's house, should that will be damn close to 100K from my house! That ought to be just what I need before I climb into my coach class center seat for a 9 hour ride to Zurich. Sheesh!

Monday - 60 minutes running easy distance at Sting. HR 155 ave, 171 max.

Today - 2000 meters in the pool! I started with last Tuesdays workout, 300 meters to start in five flat. But then I kicked it up a notch, with 13x100 (1:00 rest). Then 400 back. Total time 52 minutes.

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