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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Taking poor service to a new level
I had an appointment today with my Physiatrist, Dr. Christopher Garrison. Garrison had originally treated me for my hip problem last July. My appointment was at 1:30, which is when I arrived. I waited 40 minutes then asked if there was a problem. 5 minutes later I was escorted to a exam room. I waited there for another 45 minutes.

I figure that an hour and half is plenty of time to get around to seeing a patient.

So I left.

And it really sucks, because I spent an hour getting there and back. I don't have an extra 2.5 hours in my day for this kind of crap.

Sunday, March 26, 2006
Suddenly I am a fan of LSU!
LSU, UCLA, GMU, and UF. GMU? Shocking!

This has caused a very unusual event in my bracket. With three more games, no one except TL Glenn can score any more points. Including me. However I am in first, 110 points in front of TLG. If UCLA beats LSU he wins all the cookies by 10 points. If LSU wins, then I win by 30 points. Geaux Tigers!

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Marissa Meets Michael Eissen
Michael Essien is one of the highest paid players in the English Premier League. He holds a $45 million contract to play for Chelsea (currently in first place)! Essien is from Ghana and a couple of weeks ago Ghana's National Team came to Dallas to take on Mexico in a World Cup Friendlies Match at Pizza Hut Park. Marissa's coach is from Ghana so we went down there to support the team. After the game Marissa met the esteemed Mr. Essien.

Michael Essien with Marissa

I love the appropriateness of Marissa's shirt.

Also of note, Eissen shares a birthday with my brother!


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In the lead...
Vermont narrowly missed going to the dance this year. Maryland was also just outside the bubble. In spite of that things are going well for at least one of my brackets - where I am in first place (click for a full picture)!

Saturday, March 25, 2006
Reagan's first outdoor game

Reagan reminded me that she played in the Superblue friendly tournement last fall - so that was really her first outdoor game. Anyway today was her game with her new rec team, The Tigersharks. Reagan played great, scoring the first goal in the game. The Tigersharks won 5-4. Here are two photos. I love the look on her face on this corner kick. Her form on this is great!

I love this one too. Reagan is half the size of these girls, but look who has the ball!

Thursday, March 23, 2006
Long Time No Blog
So I went to India for a week.

Got back, totally splattered.

One week later, I packed up the girls and headed to New Mexico for a Spring Break.

Got back, totally splattered and way behind at work.

Basically the blogola is on the back seat.

Totally Random stuff that I had been meaning to blog about....

Fun with Security part 2: Even though I got the damn sissors through Dallas (and Zurich) on my way back through Mumbai they were confiscated. Now you have to understand that Mumbai International is the biggest cr*p hole in the world. But I gotta say the dude running the xray machine was all business and on top of his game - unlike most of the idiots at the TSA. My conversation with him was like this: Him: give me the sissors in your bag. Me: Ok.

40 hours in the air totally screwed my hip up and basically sabotaged 3 months of Physical Therapy. Yesterday I went back to the PT. Tuesday its back to the Doctor.

Terry Tried to Kill Me: Two weeks ago Terry and I went for ride around White Rock Lake. 25 miles into the wind. Imagine riding into 25 mile per hour winds. I was totally dehydrated. Then back. I was spent. Bad News. Plus my hamstring was acting up due to my hip problems.

Logan has tendonitus in her right foot. No soccer for another week. She is wearing a boot to boot.

We had reservations at Santa Fe for spring break. Except there was no snow. Taos was better but not great. I canceled Santa Fe and booked us at Taos. Day one - Marissa and I skied blues. Reagan was skiing with her five year old buddy from ski school - they were riding the lifts. Totally cracked me up. Day Two - a couple of inches of new snow. Marissa and I grabbed some freshies in the AM. Things were really getting brown and skied off on the greens by the afternoon. Wednesday - Four inches of fresh snow at the 9am kickoff. Snowing like Crazy. Marissa bailed on me. I headed to the top and grabbed some double blacks (Fabian). In fact I had the first two sets of tracks down Fabian. EXCELLENT!! Snowed all day. Day Four: More fresh snow. Marissa bailed again. I climbed the ridge and did Fabian twice, Oster and Stauffenburg from the ridge. Awesome!

Work - I have a product release in three weeks - right around tax time. Crap.

On my other project we completed our first sprint and have started on our second sprint.

Tomorrow will launch two pilot customers for an upcoming Saas offering.

So a buncha stuff is cooking.

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