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Sunday, March 26, 2006
Marissa Meets Michael Eissen
Michael Essien is one of the highest paid players in the English Premier League. He holds a $45 million contract to play for Chelsea (currently in first place)! Essien is from Ghana and a couple of weeks ago Ghana's National Team came to Dallas to take on Mexico in a World Cup Friendlies Match at Pizza Hut Park. Marissa's coach is from Ghana so we went down there to support the team. After the game Marissa met the esteemed Mr. Essien.

Michael Essien with Marissa

I love the appropriateness of Marissa's shirt.

Also of note, Eissen shares a birthday with my brother!


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What a great picture! And a special day for Marissa!
Yeah she was pretty stoked. Also, she got to go to the game with a friend and WITHOUT her sisters. That alone made it special.
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