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Sunday, April 30, 2006
Long Sunday Ride
Today (4-30) I headed out for a long ride through Rowlett. Terry was unavailable. I had those new "flat proof" gator skin tires that Terry had recommended. In replacing the tires I fowled up my bike computer. It was a 15 dollar item - so really I can't complain too much. I am thinking of getting the Polar CS200CAD.

Anyway GMAPS had the ride at 31.79 miles. And I'd post the link, but GMAPS barfed milliseconds before I hit save. I also realized that on all of the other rides through Rowlett that I have GMAPed, I mapped the wrong freaking route. I am such an idiot.

Luckily the Polar 610 was working (151 Ave HR, 173 Max HR). Here is my HR profile.

Oh about about those tires? I blew out the rear two miles from home. So much for that recomendatation!

Saturday, April 29, 2006
110 bottles of beer on the wall
The specific gravities of the April 15 batch and the April 16 batch are both at about 1.015. That's 5% alcohol which means its ready to go in the bottle! 110 bottles later, and I was done. It would have been 111 bottles but I broke one during the capping process, an old Guiness bottle as I recall. The first tasting should be ready next week.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Technorati Profile

12 miles
On the LeMond trainer at the club today. 45 minutes.

Monday, April 24, 2006
Swim Note
Nothing worse than a busy Monday at the office.

Nonetheless, I was finally able to get out of there at almost 1pm for lunch. I headed to the gym for a quick dip in the pool. I settled for a 1000 meter swim which I was able to complete in less than 20 minutes.

Sunday, April 23, 2006
Sunday Ride
It was a busy weekend, but I was able to squeeze in a quick ride on Sunday.

28.45 miles according the computer.
26.38 miles accordinng to GMap.
32.7 Max Velocity
17.8 Ave Velocity
1:35:41 time in the saddle.

I had problems getting the Polar started - so no HR map to report.

Moving up an Age Group
Friday was an age group birthday. Too bad I can't run.

Fran got me some Continental Ultra Gator Skin tires for my bike. Terry says that these are the best. I have some Hutchinson tires on there now. Fran also got me a bike jacket and some innertubes, which I needed since I used my last spare last week. She also gave me a copy of The Political Zoo.

Mom gave me cash.

Dad gave me a gift certificate to HondaDirectLine.

My brother gave me a gift certificate to Summit Racing.

Fran's mom and stepdad gave me a gift card to Home Depot.

Thanks everyone!

Saturday, April 22, 2006
Another Swim Milestone
Given the success of Thursday's Milestone, I decided to double it today. Indeed, I knocked out 2000 meters in 40 minutes. I think I am ready for an hour!

Thursday, April 20, 2006
Great Days in History: April 21
April 21, Great Days in History

Swim Milestone
Today I did a 1000 meter swim, as in 40 laps without stopping. Never done that before. At least not in the last 30 years anyway. Roughly 20 minutes I think. It was really much easier than I expected. I should also mention that I did 30 minutes (8.8 miles) on the LeMond trainer before the swim.

Sunday, April 16, 2006
The week in Bike
Tuesday: 40 minutes on the Lemond Trainer at The Dallas Club. Followed that with a 300 Meter Trial, as previously reported.

Wednesday: 30 Minutes on the Lemond Trainer at The Dallas Club.

Thursday: 15 Minutes on the Lemond Trainer. Followed with 1000 meters in the pool.

Friday: 50 mile ride from Richardson to Farmersville and back.

Sunday: 33 mile ride from Richardson to Rowlett and back.

Sunday Ride
I was surprised when Terry called me today just after noon. I had told him I was available on short notice for a ride. But I did not believe he would actually take me up on it. I had my hands full with the beer and the Easter egg hunt. Nonetheless I needed to get a ride in, so I told him to show up at 2pm.

Terry told me that it was 90 degrees when he left the house. I thought I was going to fry for sure. I loaded the camelback with a quart of ice cubes and a quart of Gatoraide with the hopes that would keep me cool.

We took the same route, basically, that we did last week. The return was slightly longer; I mapped it out here.

I was feeling really good so I started on the big chainring and I kept it there the whole ride. That was probably what doomed Terry. For the first time ever, it was he who was dragging at the end. Usually I have a good well intentioned start, but fade. Maybe I am finally getting fit!

More Beer
Since things went well enough yesterday, and there are no soccer games on the schedule today, I decided to brew up another batch today. There were several things to consider. The standard process calls for the wort to be racked to a clean carboy after seven days. But if I used the second Carboy, then I will have to do this some other way. What I decided I will do is to rack the wort back into the kettle, then clean the carboy then rack it back into the same Carboy.

The second problem was that I just could not get the kettle to a good boil yesterday. Yesterdays production took 7 hours which was too long. I also had problems getting to stay on a rolling boil. This morning I took apart the brew stove and cleaned the venturis. Both had some crap in them. The left burner is also heavily rusted and probably needs to be replaced. The right side is in very good shape though so no worries.

The cleaning has worked wonders, as it took just about 3 hours today for what took 7 hours yesterday!

The specific gravity for today's batch 2 came out to 1.053

Saturday, April 15, 2006
The week in Swim
Today: 2000 Meters at the club in Garland. 20x100 with 60 seconds rest. 56 minutes.

Thursday I did 1000 meters at the club in Dallas. That was 10x100 with 30 seconds rest. I warmed up with 15 minutes on the Lemond Trainer before hand.

Tuesday I did a 300 meter trial in 4:55, also at the club in Dallas.

Michael Irvin is apparently a member of the club as well. He and I also have the same workout schedule, as he was there on Wednesday (when I did not swim) and also on Thursday. Irvin was really yucking it up in the locker room on Thursday. Always the performer, he is as gregarious in real life as he is on the tube.

Firing up the brew kettle
Today is a good day to brew some beer. The reference recipe will need to be adjusted based on the current available ingredients. Today's batch:

7 lbs Pale Malt Extract
12 oz. Ground Weyermann's Carafoam Crystal Malt
1.25 lbs Briess Dextin Malt
5.5 - 6.0 Gallons of Water
2.0 ounces of Kent Golding Hops (6.6%)
.5 ounce of Saaz Hops (3.4%)
1.75 ounce package of Wyeast 1007 German Ale Yeast

Update: Specific Gravity Came out to 1.055

The Marathon is Fickle
Joe has some interesting comments on the marathon. For Joe the goal is sub three with a mini goal of sub 3:10 for the Boston Qualifyer.

Back when I was a young man like Joe I can remember setting similar goals. The goal I had for my first marathon was 3:30. That was the Dallas White Rock Marathon in 1991. Now I did not let a hernia repair and lack of experience stand in the way of reason. I ran that race in 3:51. I knew I could do better.

The next year I joined a training program. As part of the program I went to the Lab at the Landry Center and did a bunch of VO2 tests on the treadmill there. The techs were really pumped up when I got off the 'mill. They told me that I could run a 3:00 marathon. Yeah, right. I did not believe them. My target marathon was the Marine Corps Marathon in 1992. I ran that Marathon in 3:28, a huge improvement on my previous attempt and it met the goal that I had established the year before. I hurt badly after Marine Corps. After the race I swore I would not run another Marathon. Yet, I also had this feeling that I could do better.

I did not plan to run The Rock in '92 but all my friends were running it and most of the yahoos in my training group were also running it. After a brief rest post Marine Corps, I resumed training with them and entered White Rock. I ran 3:04, a 50 minute improvement over my performance a year earlier. I qualified for Boston. It was at that point that I too, believed I could run sub 3.

It took me two more years, then at the 94 Rock I ran 2:56.

As always, and like Joe, I had a feeling that I could do better. However, Coach Robert, asked why, what's the point? Could I run 2:20 and get an Olympic Qualifier. No Freaking Way. So in the grand scheme I hit two major milestones: sub 3 and BQ. The marathon damages ones muscles. They literally self destruct. Robert's suggestion was to focus on shorter distances and achieve some milestones at those distances.

Since 94 the only marathon I ran was the 100th Boston - which was a huge event in 96. Since then my greatest achievements have been a 2:07 800 and 17:18 5K. Training for the Marathon is a brutal and time consuming endeavor. That is something that I have not missed. For the marathon one must train for months. Yet on race day you might find youself with a cold or some bizarre weather situation. The marathon is fickle. I for one do not miss it!

Joe - Good luck on Monday. I hope you find your potential!

Friday, April 14, 2006
Fifty Miles
on the bike....

Terry blew me off today. So I headed out on my own. I left early so as not to miss Marissa's Games. I checked the weather and it was only 7 mph winds. I decided to head up to Farmersville, along the route that Terry I did six weeks ago. I did not want to do the full sixty, so I cut it down by coming back along the route from Princeton to Lucas.

The first bit of bad news came at mile 15. I had been on the big chainring from the house and I was screaming down this hill to the lake. My head was down, so I barely saw what looked like a small piece of wood. I hit it hard. Everything was good. For a second. Then the back tire went flat. Drats. Luckily I had a spare tube and was able to get in on pretty quickly. I had a CO2 inflator too. But I had no idea how to use it. Finally I figured that out and got the tire pumped up.

I continued with the big chainring out to 380. But when I took the left towards the west I finally realized why I had done the first 22 miles in 20MPH pace. There was a BIG wind to my back. And now it was coming across me. The rest of the ride was into the wind and my pace slowed considerably.

Final stats from my computer: 50.15 miles, 32.1 Max Speed, 17.0 Ave Speed, 2:56:58. From the Polar HR Monitor: Ave HR 162, Max 179.

7 days 9 soccer matches!
Its been pretty hectic around here for sure!

Last Saturday. 9:00am. I took Marissa to a match against Two Touch. Two Touch led the league with 8 wins no losses and 1 draw. It looked like it was going to be tough sledding. It was really cold and windy to boot. Our girls played tough as nails and came away with the 0-0 Draw. This was a huge moral victory!

Then we headed across town, where Logan had a PSA game against the FC Texas. This particular FC Texas won a national 3 on 3 tourney. They are certainly one of the best 99 teams in the area. They killed us BTW.

Then we headed further across town, where Reagan had a game with her new Rec Team, the Tiger Sharks. Today was not to be for the Tiger Sharks - they got creamed.

Then it was all the way back across town again to Pizza Hut Park where we watched FC Dallas take on Salt Lake Real. Dallas came back to win 2-1 after being down 0-1. It was a great game and the kids had a blast and got a ton of autographs after the game.

Logan had two more games on Sunday. The first one was against the firecrackers in PSA. Our girls came away with a 1-1 Draw on that one too! Logan fed the ball to Stephanie for our score, racking up an assist! Goal!

Then it was further across town where Logan had a game against Two Touch 98 - coached by the same guy that Marissa played on Saturday Morning. Two Touch slaughtered Logans SDL team.

Yesterday and Today Marissa's team played in a tournament right down the street. The first game was yesterday against Texas Strikers a D3 team. The strikers have one girl who is taller than I am. She is eleven?? Anyway coming off a corner kick our girls failed to challenge her and she fed the ball to the middle for an easy score. Then referee called two very questionable fouls. Both times this huge girl fed the ball to the top of the net. Katie had no chance. We lost 0-3.

Today we opened against Andromeda North. This team is the same team that offered Marissa a contact last year. They were Everton back then, and it was a good thing that Marissa went with the Texans because they we not able to put together a team. The girls stayed together and picked up an Andromeda coach and have been playing in the PSA (Rec League). Anyway, we beat them 3-0.

Then we followed up that game with a game against Blackwatch and their Evil Coach Sissy. Marissa played for Sissy and scored a bunch of goals. Sissy even told me that Marissa would likely make her team. In spite of that she did not allow Marissa to play in the finals of a PAL Tourney last year. We lost 0-1, but in spite of that, I think our girls showed more skill on the field.

So there ya go - 9 games, 7 days.

Sunday, April 09, 2006
Sunday Morning Ride
Terry and I knocked out a 30 miler this morning in two hours. My computer had it at: 31.5 miles, Max Speed of 30.8 MPH, Ave Velocity of 16 MPH. Official time 1:58:21.

Sunday, April 02, 2006
Its *all* about the bra
Saturday we packed the kids up and headed up to pizza hut park for the season opener between FC Dallas and the Chicago Fire. It was an exciting game. One where ChiTown drew first blood, then Dallas evened the match. Chicago went up 2-1 and Dallas came back with 2 unanswered goals for the 3-2 comeback win. Nice.

Even nicer, Sting had arranged for some of their teams to meet Brandi Chastain after the game. Brandi was at the game doing sideline commentary for ABC. After the game she talked with teams and answered questions. Then she took some photos with each team. They sent the teams up there in reverse age. So Reagan went up with the 2000 and 2001's. There are only three of them. What a hoot. Here is Brandi telling them her secrets. Reagan is clearly taking it all in!

Here she is with Logan and some of her 99 team.

Here is a better picture of the 99's this time with Coach Dave and Reagan too.

In a rare moment when the girls are not trying to kill one another, fran caught them actually looking like sisters!

I was not allowed near Brandi, so I had to watch the procedings from above. Fran caught me following the action.

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