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Wednesday, May 31, 2006
May Workouts
May 2 - 8.5 Miles Bike (Lemond Trainer)
May 4 - 13 Miles Bike (Lemond Trainer)
May 5 - 2000 Meter Swim
May 6 - 30 Miles Bike

Second Week of May
Run - 0 Miles
Bike - 15.6 Miles
Swim - 1500 Meters

Third Week of May
Run - 0 Miles
Bike - 74.0 Miles
Swim - 1500 Meters

May 22 - 2000 Meter Swim
May 25 - 8.5 Miles Bike
May 28 - 2500 Meter Swim

Last Week of May
Run - 0 Miles
Bike - 74.6 Miles
Swim - 1500 Meters

Total for May
Run - 0 Miles
Bike - 224.2 Miles
Swim - 11000 Meters


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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
As mentioned my team wrapped up work on Magic Service Desk for Chinese two weeks ago. Last week BMC had a big launch event with our first partner, Chinasoft. Interestingly we have launched a web site for Chinese Magic (English linked here, but also available in Chinese).

When I arrived at BMC a bit over two years ago, Magic had a significant share of the Service Desk Market, yet it had never been localized. It took a large team of engineers about nine months to re-engineer the product such that it would support international characters, time and date standards and to extract all of the strings such that they could be translated. To support international characters all character fields in the database where changed to Unicode. Magic Supports SQL Server and Oracle (several flavors of each). During this process the team did a bunch of work to unify the SQL Server and Oracle implementations as well.

Following the Globalization work, the team spent another nine months or so cranking out German, French and finally the Chinese versions of Magic. Its great to see some momentum gathering around the launch of this product!

Monday, May 29, 2006
Memorial Day Ride
As planned, and unlike last week, I headed over to Terry's house just after 7:00am. Then we headed to White Rock Lake.

The basic route is East on Renner, a couple of zig-zags through Richardson to Meandering Way. Then South on Meandering to LBJ. From there we picked up the White Rock Creek Trial and take that to the lake. One loop around the lake and back. I tried to map it with GMAPs but GMAPs was uncooperative.

Update: Here is the GMAP. It works for me in IE 6 but not in Firefox

Basic Stats:

Miles: 56.954
Time: 3:21:11
Max Velocity: 28MPH
Ave Velocity: 17MPH
Ave HR: 143
Max HR: 176


Sunday, May 28, 2006
Four Days; Four Doctors
Not recommended.

Monday I went to see Sterling, my Physiatrist. As I had no improvement to report regarding my hip, he sent me to see Dr. Fleischmann, the Rheumatologist. Sterling wanted to rule out AS. AS? Sheesh.

Tuesday I went to Fleischmann. Fleischmann thinks AS is unlikely. But just to be sure he sucked four vials of blood out of my arm. Oh and how about 3 XRays of my SI to boot. Great. That's six XRays this year all in places you prefer them not be taken. Four focused on my nads and two on my head. Sheesh.

Fleischmann kicked up the Anti-inflamitories as well. I was taking 400mg of Lodine twice a day. He punched that up to 600mg twice a day. That worked well until I realized I could not focus my eyes. So I called him up and we switched to 200mg of Celebrix twice daily. The Celebrix seems to work better on my hip as well.

Thursday I went to see Dr. B, the Orthodontist. Three weeks to go. But he suggested that I go see Dr. Chuck, my dentist to make sure Chuck was on board with results of the Orthodontia. So - I went straight from Dr. B to Dr. Chuck.

Chuck has some fine tuning requests, so it will be back to Dr. B next week. Chuck also wants to whiten up my teeth, put a porcelain laminate on one of my front teeth. And he wants to replace the crown on one of my other front teeth. I am not on board with any of that stuff. Sheesh.

Anyway what also sucks is that spending all that time at the freaking doctors office comes straight out of the time I can spend working out. So this week pretty much sucked for going to the gym.

A new record in the pool.
Recently Joe wrote about a long swim. Today I finally found a bit of extra time in schedule, so I headed to the club and did 5x500meters. Total time with rest exactly an hour. That's the farthest I've swum in over 30 years - so I think we'll count it as a record.

We have some big south winds blowing this weekend. Terry called and suggested a loop around White Rock Lake - this will be about about 60 miles. The last time we tried this I died. I have to remember to take it easy into the wind so I have plenty left for the way back.

Saturday, May 27, 2006
I have been at war with two pairs of sparrows that are trying to invade the Martin House. Last year I allowed the sparrows to co-exist with the Martins. According to the experts that was a very poor decision. The sparrows chased off all but one pair last year and that pair was not successful at raising their babies.

I have two pairs of Martins this year. There is one mature pair older than two years, maybe the same pair from last year? And one sub-adult pair. The young pair have been stuggling with the sparrows and have yet to lay any eggs. The adult pair guard their nest continuously. They laid six eggs which hatched this week. Right now we have six baby Martins!


Wednesday, May 24, 2006
ReaganKelley Soccer Monster

Swim Note - 2000 Meters
After Marissa's Graduation, I squeezed in a quick dip in the pool.

4x500 meters. Total elapased time less than 45 minutes.

Iron Man Award
Marissa has done it. She completed six years of elementary school without an absence or tardy. Over the years I had attributed this streak to Fran and her persistence in getting that kid to school. Given that Reagan failed in her quest for the same award in Kindergarten. And Logan failed in second grade. I am now giving full credit to Marissa. She has a tenacity and toughness similar to Gehrig or Ripken.

Yesterday the steak was in question going into the final day. The fifth graders were having their sock hop. Marissa called home from school with a migrane. They had been planning this event since September. Marissa had a poodle skirt custom made by Grandma for the dance. So I knew she was in trouble when she bailed out. She came home and threw up. But she staged a miraculous recovery and by the evening I was confident that she would make it for the final day of school.

Monday, May 22, 2006
Ship It!
Last week one of the teams that I lead put the wrapping on the software that we have been working on. Its in the hands of the production now. With luck they can SHIP IT soon!

This release caps TWO YEARS of work on my part. Unreal!

The little things
The bike is a total mystery to me.

I bought a little computer for the bike. I wired it up starting on the left and then over to the right. When I took the bike to the shop to fix a shifting problem, the mechanic told me that my wire up job was totally unsafe. He gave me a look as if to say, rookie, why would you even try something that stupid.

So then my wife got me some new tires. As I was installing them, I realized that when I installed the computer I flipped the front wheel around. The tires are unidirectional. Sheesh. Obviously the rear wheel only goes on one way, but the front can go on either way - so its easy to switch it around. I guess one clues is to make sure that the quick release handles are on the same side of the bike for both wheels.

Then when I couldn't get the computer to work. I thought I had busted it. But it wasn't busted. When I flipped the wheel around, I had to flip the sensor around on the spoke. At least I figured that part out. But what really needed to happen was to put the stupid sensor on the next spoke. This is because the spokes alternate sides and as they move away from the rim one set of spokes is slightly farther away from the fork. Duh. I shoulda been able to figure this out. Well I guess I did figure it out. But it took me two weeks. I shoulda been able to sort this out sooner. I have two degrees in engineering. I swear.

What else? I have some of these CO2 Cartridges to inflate the spare tube when I get a flat on the road. I had no idea how to use them. I used both of the cartridges up with the two flats I had, so I went to the bike shop to get a few more. They have like 4 or 5 different kinds! I was amazed. I grabbed a couple of replacements. Then I realized that the ones I had previously used were threaded and the ones I picked up were not. The bike shop dude pointed out that either would work, but the threaded ones were rated to fill my tubes to the correct pressure while the other ones would not. Huh? They're rated? I was supposed to use the whole thing? Sheesh - I guess I shoulda read the manual. I wonder if there was a manual?

While at the bike shop, I picked up a couple of innertubes to replace the ones that I blew out. The bike shop dude asked what kind of tube I needed. I guess that's a damn good question. After we established that we are talking road bike, he asks what size stem do I need. Really? You're kidding me. They come in different sizes? Unreal. Finally I had to tell Bike Shop Dude ,"The bike is outside. You tell me." The response was predictable. "Is that your CannonDale?", as if to say "you are way to lame to be riding that bike."

At least I haven't fallen off in a couple of weeks! It's always the little things.

Sunday, May 21, 2006
Sunday Morning Ride
Its hard to believe but Terry called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to ride in the morning. Its been five weeks since we have ridden together! Terry says that he has been out of town (Boston, Chicago, New Mexico, etc, etc..) I think he was just upset at me for pounding him on our last ride.

Anyway, I heard Terry say that he would leave his house at 0630 and head to my house. Great! So I got up at 0600 and got ready, I was just about to head out the door at 0620 when who do I find on my doorstep but Terry. He had left his place at 0530 which is what he thought he had told me. So he already had 40 minutes in the saddle. Yikes!

It was a beautiful morning. We headed out through Wiley and then out 78 past the Lavon damn. At Bubba's BBQ we hooked a right and headed down the east side of Lake Ray Hubbard toward Rockwall. We took a left and headed toward Royce City, then another left to Nevada. Left at Nevada and back to 78 and home. Check out the GMAP here.

The thing is that we had a nice strong south wind. So this route, which I fully blame on Terry, put us into the wind at the end of the ride. OK so maybe I am exaggerating a bit since really we were cross wind most of the time. Still I think we should have banged the right on 66 in Royce City and came back through Rockwall and Rowlett, which would have given us a strong wind at our back for the finish.

Like the last ride, Terry burned up and was dragging at the end. Of course he did have that extra 40 minutes under his belt.

Unlike Terry, I felt really good throughout the ride. Except I was getting a buncha sweat and sunscreen in my eyes. I can see I am going to need a really good headband and towel system as the summer heats up.

Next week Terry is talking like we should do a 100 miler up to Sherman!! Double Yikes!

3:00:57 Duration
50.66 Miles
29.6 Max Velocity
16.8 Ave Velocity
141 Ave HR
168 Max HR

Workout Notes Week of May 15
Tuesday - 40 Minutes on the LeMond Trainer - 11.8 Miles, Ave HR 136 Max HR 157

Wednesday - 1500m Swim (3x500)

Friday - 40 Minutes on the LeMond Trainer - 11.5 Miles, Ave HR 143, Max HR 161, Ave Cadence 109 RPM

Sunday - 3 Hour, 50 Mile Bike with Terry

This week also seems light to me. But it was a good ride on Sunday at least.

Workout Notes Week of May 8
Monday - 30 Minutes on the LeMond Trainer 8.5 Miles. Ave HR 120.

Tuesday - 1500 Swim (3x500)

Friday - 30 Minutes on the LeMond Trainer 7.1 Miles Ave HR 125.

Not a great week for workouts. Very busy at work. More on that later. And Marissa had a Soccer Tournement in Fort Worth over the weekend. Her team advanced to the Semi's. So we were in Ft Worth Friday Night, All Day Saturday and back over there on Sunday. Sheesh!

Saturday, May 20, 2006
Ride May 6
Took a route from the house to Plano Cycle, then over to the office and back. Unlike my usual rides though the countryside - this was down a bunch a city streets dodging cars and getting stuck at traffic lights!

While at Plano Cycle I was checking out the Polar Cycle Computers. Then they showed me the Garmins...Man those are SWEEETT!!

30.047 Miles
31.8 MPH Max Velocity
18.1 Ave Velocity
1:39:34 Duration

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