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Sunday, May 28, 2006
Four Days; Four Doctors
Not recommended.

Monday I went to see Sterling, my Physiatrist. As I had no improvement to report regarding my hip, he sent me to see Dr. Fleischmann, the Rheumatologist. Sterling wanted to rule out AS. AS? Sheesh.

Tuesday I went to Fleischmann. Fleischmann thinks AS is unlikely. But just to be sure he sucked four vials of blood out of my arm. Oh and how about 3 XRays of my SI to boot. Great. That's six XRays this year all in places you prefer them not be taken. Four focused on my nads and two on my head. Sheesh.

Fleischmann kicked up the Anti-inflamitories as well. I was taking 400mg of Lodine twice a day. He punched that up to 600mg twice a day. That worked well until I realized I could not focus my eyes. So I called him up and we switched to 200mg of Celebrix twice daily. The Celebrix seems to work better on my hip as well.

Thursday I went to see Dr. B, the Orthodontist. Three weeks to go. But he suggested that I go see Dr. Chuck, my dentist to make sure Chuck was on board with results of the Orthodontia. So - I went straight from Dr. B to Dr. Chuck.

Chuck has some fine tuning requests, so it will be back to Dr. B next week. Chuck also wants to whiten up my teeth, put a porcelain laminate on one of my front teeth. And he wants to replace the crown on one of my other front teeth. I am not on board with any of that stuff. Sheesh.

Anyway what also sucks is that spending all that time at the freaking doctors office comes straight out of the time I can spend working out. So this week pretty much sucked for going to the gym.

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