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Monday, May 22, 2006
The little things
The bike is a total mystery to me.

I bought a little computer for the bike. I wired it up starting on the left and then over to the right. When I took the bike to the shop to fix a shifting problem, the mechanic told me that my wire up job was totally unsafe. He gave me a look as if to say, rookie, why would you even try something that stupid.

So then my wife got me some new tires. As I was installing them, I realized that when I installed the computer I flipped the front wheel around. The tires are unidirectional. Sheesh. Obviously the rear wheel only goes on one way, but the front can go on either way - so its easy to switch it around. I guess one clues is to make sure that the quick release handles are on the same side of the bike for both wheels.

Then when I couldn't get the computer to work. I thought I had busted it. But it wasn't busted. When I flipped the wheel around, I had to flip the sensor around on the spoke. At least I figured that part out. But what really needed to happen was to put the stupid sensor on the next spoke. This is because the spokes alternate sides and as they move away from the rim one set of spokes is slightly farther away from the fork. Duh. I shoulda been able to figure this out. Well I guess I did figure it out. But it took me two weeks. I shoulda been able to sort this out sooner. I have two degrees in engineering. I swear.

What else? I have some of these CO2 Cartridges to inflate the spare tube when I get a flat on the road. I had no idea how to use them. I used both of the cartridges up with the two flats I had, so I went to the bike shop to get a few more. They have like 4 or 5 different kinds! I was amazed. I grabbed a couple of replacements. Then I realized that the ones I had previously used were threaded and the ones I picked up were not. The bike shop dude pointed out that either would work, but the threaded ones were rated to fill my tubes to the correct pressure while the other ones would not. Huh? They're rated? I was supposed to use the whole thing? Sheesh - I guess I shoulda read the manual. I wonder if there was a manual?

While at the bike shop, I picked up a couple of innertubes to replace the ones that I blew out. The bike shop dude asked what kind of tube I needed. I guess that's a damn good question. After we established that we are talking road bike, he asks what size stem do I need. Really? You're kidding me. They come in different sizes? Unreal. Finally I had to tell Bike Shop Dude ,"The bike is outside. You tell me." The response was predictable. "Is that your CannonDale?", as if to say "you are way to lame to be riding that bike."

At least I haven't fallen off in a couple of weeks! It's always the little things.

my daughter uses quick fills. I have blown tires using them and carry a double shot blackburn pump on my bottle cage instead. Slower, but I have not launched any tubes since.
OK Excellent. So now I feel much better that I did not let loose with the whole quick fill.
2 types of valves. Schrader and Presta. You will also need to get the right pump or a dual valve pump which is what most of them come with now.

Cartridges are good in an emergency. They will fill up the tire to get you home. They don't have enough pressure to fill to, say, 110-120 psi, which is what I like to ride on.

this post was too funny!
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