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Sunday, May 21, 2006
Sunday Morning Ride
Its hard to believe but Terry called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to ride in the morning. Its been five weeks since we have ridden together! Terry says that he has been out of town (Boston, Chicago, New Mexico, etc, etc..) I think he was just upset at me for pounding him on our last ride.

Anyway, I heard Terry say that he would leave his house at 0630 and head to my house. Great! So I got up at 0600 and got ready, I was just about to head out the door at 0620 when who do I find on my doorstep but Terry. He had left his place at 0530 which is what he thought he had told me. So he already had 40 minutes in the saddle. Yikes!

It was a beautiful morning. We headed out through Wiley and then out 78 past the Lavon damn. At Bubba's BBQ we hooked a right and headed down the east side of Lake Ray Hubbard toward Rockwall. We took a left and headed toward Royce City, then another left to Nevada. Left at Nevada and back to 78 and home. Check out the GMAP here.

The thing is that we had a nice strong south wind. So this route, which I fully blame on Terry, put us into the wind at the end of the ride. OK so maybe I am exaggerating a bit since really we were cross wind most of the time. Still I think we should have banged the right on 66 in Royce City and came back through Rockwall and Rowlett, which would have given us a strong wind at our back for the finish.

Like the last ride, Terry burned up and was dragging at the end. Of course he did have that extra 40 minutes under his belt.

Unlike Terry, I felt really good throughout the ride. Except I was getting a buncha sweat and sunscreen in my eyes. I can see I am going to need a really good headband and towel system as the summer heats up.

Next week Terry is talking like we should do a 100 miler up to Sherman!! Double Yikes!

3:00:57 Duration
50.66 Miles
29.6 Max Velocity
16.8 Ave Velocity
141 Ave HR
168 Max HR

if you sweat a lot, a good "do-rag" helps on the long rides
10-4 on the do-rag. I am on the case! BTW - Welcome to the blog!
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