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Saturday, June 24, 2006
85 Freaking Miles...
...on the bike. Today. A record for me. Shattering my previous record of sixty miles.

I left the house at 0630. I figured I'd hook up with Scotts group, Scott being the yahoo I met last week on the RBM Ride. I headed west on Renner Road, and did not get very far when I saw them coming. I did a U turn and hooked up. Fran gave me strict orders to be home at 0930. That meant I had time to do the loop with Scotts guys and maybe ride all the way back to RBM - but there was no way that would be able to head out with the Big Dog Group and get home in time.

Indeed we got back to RBM at 0845 and I rode back home solo arriving with 50 miles on the odometer at around 0920 or so. Then Fran told me that Joe canceled Marissa's practice. That meant that I did not need to be home. That also meant if I hurried I could catch the big dogs for the big dog ride.

As I approached Renner Road from the house a group of them went by. It was not the Big Dog group - it was the Nearly Big Dog group that I rode with last week. Once more I was behind them and it took me a couple of miles before I finally caught them at the light on 78.

I was totally out of place in the group. As I was riding up 78, one of dudes was yelling at me to tuck in closer to the dude in front of me. Finally he came up, put his hand on my ass (hey!) and pushed me right in behind the guy in front of me. He was like, "stay tucked in and let the draft suck you along." Right.

A bit later, I found myself at the front of the pack. It was my turn to pull, so I was hammering along - except I everyone else was going slower. Crap. Now I was dead. The same dude was like, "Don't gap out in front when you have the lead." Right. Except I am not sure I really have that bit figured out.

Bikers have too many rules.

I was able to stay with them almost to the end of the ride. But when the odometer hit 70 miles, that was it - I was toast. I took it very easy for the three miles to RBM. My camelback was empty - so I went inside and got a gatorade and a powerbar. I sat down in the shade and ate the power bar and killed the Gatorade! I got a second Gatorade and loaded that back in to the camelback for the 10 miles I still needed to get home!

On the ride home another guy named Herb came up and suggested that we do 20-21 for ride down Renner. Right. I kept up pretty good, but got clobbered on two of the big hills!

Anyway - I am totally amazed that I survived.

Distance: 85.1 Miles
Max Velocity: 32.5 MPH
Ave Velocity: 18.5 MPH
Duration: 4:35:53
Ave HR first 50: 145 BPM
Max HR first 50:
Ave HR last 35: 171 BPM
Max HR last 35: 192 BPM


AWESOME. One of these days I am going to have to go that far.

So, what are you training for?

Thanks! The amazing thing is that the plan was like 45 - 50!

> So, what are you training for?

Eh, Yeah. I should devise a plan. Terry thinks I should do the Tri-Rock Triathalon - 300m Swim, 12 mi Bike, 2.9 mi run. So maybe that. Also the Hotter-than-hell 100 is coming up - 100 mi and 100K bike race. Also there is a 1 or 2 mile open water swim coming up.

However all that said, my real goal is to sort out my freakin hip problem and start running. But that goal seems to be elusive. :-(
85 mlles at 18+ is nothing to be ashamed of! I am doing a century this week end and will be happy to average over 15

Good luck on sorting out the hip problem

BTW, I hope you cleaned that camelback out real well. Gatorade supports mold very nicely
Hi Mal -


Good point on the Camelback. I try to keep it clean. Its kinda a pain that way. However, I love it otherwise - it stays nice and cold which is a big plus here in Texas!


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