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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Freeway 2.0 - Just Another Roach Motel
Recently I was approached by an overzealous sales yahoo from Lionbridge. I am pretty sure that this dude had gotten wind that BMC was in the market for a Global Content Management system. He was trying to use me as a back door to the decision makers so that he could pitch his product .

Freeway is a pretty cool product from what I can tell. It allows online management of content and facilitates translation of content between the publisher and the translators. However, Freeway has one fatal flaw. Its a Roach Motel. Here are some nuggets straight from the website:

Access to Freeway’s collaboration features and language technology is free for Lionbridge clients and translators.

And if you look at the terms of use:

1.1 The Site is a communications medium by which clients can have access to and use Services offered by Lionbridge.

That approach is so old it is pre Web 1.0! Gimme a break! The sales dude initally pitched this to me as a "Free" SAAS offering "like". Again its a cool product, but it ain't nothing like And like the terms of use state - this roach motel is simply a communications medium. Until Lionbridge wake up and smell the coffee, this is never going to evolve to be a kick ass service offering. A real shame.


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