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Friday, June 09, 2006
Martins and Progress on the war on Terror
Here are some photos of the babies! There are six of them. A second pair of Martins are caring for four eggs. And I now have a third pair of Martins that have yet to lay any eggs.



Now them babies need a lot of bugs to keep them going. And did I mention that there are six of them?



The Sparrows will kill the babies. So having become desperate I purchased a Gamo Air Rifle. This next photo may be disturbing to some of you.


We also have a dove sitting on two eggs and a mockingbird sitting on three eggs!

Update May 20, 2007 - Fixed all the damn photos - uploaded them to Flickr and changed the links.


Awesome pictures. The only disturbing thing I found was the dragonfly! They kill mosquito larvae! ARG!! Can't the find some other noxious bugs to eat instead of dragonflies??


As for the sparrows, well... ya gotta do what ya gotta do... but from a buddhist & confucian perspective, I do cringe at the thought of the burden you have to bear as a result of your actions...
They say that Martins eat mosquitos. Which is why I got into the Martin business to begin with. But since I have learned more, apparently there are some studies that suggest that Martins don't eat many mosquitos.

I did not know that Dragonflys kill mosquito larvae! Very interesting.
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