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Sunday, June 18, 2006
Sunday Ride with Terry
Last night, as I was trying to recover from my ride with the Big Dogs, Terry called and suggested that we do a ride similar to the route that I took last week over to Rockwall. Terry suggested a 0550 departure from my house. I figured, what the heck - so I agreed.

Terry's route was the opposite direction of what I did. My route was counter clockwise around the lake, where Terry wanted to go clockwise. We headed west on 78 and took a right on 205 over to 66 and back. The roads were a little wet from the thunder storms that blew through here last night - but not too slick. In a weird quirk of weather we had a strong south wind as we headed south. But when we turned north, so did the wind. It was in our face the whole ride. Exhausting!

As we were riding across the lake we came upon a guy off his bike with a flat. I asked if he needed help and indeed he did need help. He reported that he had purchased his bike yesterday and he was not able to inflate the tire. He had a CO2 inflator in his hand, but apparently he somehow messed it up. As reported previously I am now an EXPERT in CO2 tire inflation. I still had one can in my pouch. So I inflated his tire. And for the very first time ever, I did not feel like the complete bike rookie that I am. :-)

Distance: 41 Miles
Max Velocity: 30.1 MPH
Ave Velocity: 17.5 MPH
Duration: 2:20 Minutes
Ave HR: 137 BPM
Max HR: 152 BPM


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