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Monday, July 24, 2006
PhillipsHead Ale
Yesterday I whipped up another batch of beer in tribute to David Guthrie Phillips. PhillipsHead Ale - When you are feeling screwed, enjoy a PhillipsHead and unwind.


7 lbs Pale Malt Extract
2 lbs. Ground Weyermann's Carafoam Crystal Malt
5.5 - 6.0 Gallons of Water
1.25 ounces of Kent Golding Hops (6.6%) Boiling
1.25 ounce of Saaz (3.4%) Boiling
.5 ounce of Saaz Hops (3.4%)Finishing
1.75 ounce package of Wyeast 1007 German Ale Yeast

In honor of David I gave the Carafoam a 30 minute rest around 55 degrees C, then another 20 minutes rest aroun 68 degrees C. Added the Malt extract. Brought to a boil. Added the Boiling hops. Cooked for an hour. Added the finishing hops - 2 more minutes boiling.

Specific Gravity worked out to 1.056


Thursday, July 20, 2006
LeFloyd kills LeTour

Landis tapped into his anger, frustration and made a last ditch effort to win the tour. And with a truly amazing effort he has gone from being out of the tour - to being the front runner to claim the win in Paris.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006
LeTour eats LeFloyd
Phonak had been highly critized as team that could not protect Floyd Landis. They were also loudly critized for allowing Pereiro back into the race.

Yesterday, when Landis recaptured the yellow jersey he proclaimed that his team had proven themselves better than what the press had made them out to be. It appears today, that indeed Phonak is weak, and that they should not have given the yellow jersey to Pereiro (nor several other contending teams.)

That said, Rassmussens ride today was phenominal. Rabobank is awesome. I love watching Boogerd as well. T-Mobile has also been a pleasure to watch.

What a wild tour!


A shot in the ass
Several weeks ago I went back for my follow up visit with Dr. Fleischmann. Fleischmann reported that I did not have Ankylosing Spondylitis. Nor did I have a B27 marker. So I suppose that is good news, although it did not help my SI problem. So then it was back to , who remained fairly consistent in his treatment plan: he recommended that I get at least one Cortisone shot in my SI.

I discussed the concerns that were raised by Coach Vaughan which were primarily that the injections could make me more susceptible to injury. Sterling felt like that was only true if you were doing more than three a year. Also Sterling noted that cortisone will deteriorate cartilage in the knee. But stressed that was not that case with the SI.

Sterling also reconsidered the bone scan and/or MRI of the SI. Basically he felt like the problems that those tests would show at this point would all be treated by Cortisone. I should also note that Fleischmann was supportive of the Cortisone treatment plan.

The shot itself takes you out of action for a whole day. This is because they knock you out (although its not required), and as I found out certain side effects may prevent normal function.

Dr. Yvonne Hughes was the anesthesiologist. She called me yesterday evening with the lecture on not taking food or water after midnight. Her treatment plan was to give me a morphine based pain killer with some valium and to knock me out for 8 minutes with . I grilled her on the alternatives to general anesthesia - and she told me that she could do it any way that I wanted.

This morning I had Fran drop me off at the Pain Management Center for my visit with . Dr. Hughes knocked me out as promised and Dr. Will injected me with a Cortisone and Lidocaine cocktail. Then they sent me home and told me not drive for 12 hours and no golf today.

My left leg is numb. And my ass still hurts.

Sterling told me that I could start running in two weeks. I am back to him for follow up the first week of August.


Sunday, July 16, 2006
Time to Brew
Today Logan and I made a trip the to get some supplies. Today's recipe is similar to the April 15 recipe:

7 lbs Pale Malt Extract
2 lbs. Ground Weyermann's Carafoam Crystal Malt
5.5 - 6.0 Gallons of Water
1.5 ounces of Kent Golding Hops (6.6%) Boiling
1.0 ounce of Saaz (3.4%) Boiling
.5 ounce of Saaz Hops (3.4%)Finishing
1.75 ounce package of Wyeast 1007 German Ale Yeast

Specific Gravity worked out to 1.059

Update (July 30) - Racked the brew last weekend, and loaded into bottles yesterday. Specific Gravity before bottling was 1.014 which works out to about 6% alcohol by volume.


Friday, July 14, 2006
Agile Self Organizing Teams
There was some discussion on an agile list about how to get teams moving, thinking and operating in a self organizing manner, Paul Arrowood offered this comment, which I found to be an excellent example of leadership:

Referring to the comment about “here’s what we need to do” and then leaving the room……….I was immediately transported back to a movie that I think epitomized this self-organizing leadership and initiative. There was a problem, failure (or ignoring the problem) was not an option, and there enough other problems going on that people couldn’t sit around and wait on someone else to lead them or figure it out for them. If they would people would die! The movie? Apollo 13, when Ed Harris walks in the room, throws out a box of materials and parts that are available on the spaceship, and tells them how long they have before the entire crew dies. He leaves, they solve it. What struck me most about that scene was that he had to leave the room before the people would start thinking and brainstorming aloud on their own. Otherwise, they would just keep telling him there was nothing they could do. I don’t necessarily mean to draw comparisons between life threatening scenarios (although sometimes it feels the same), and software development. But rather the similarity is in removing “failure” (or some call it optionality) from the equation. It may be perceived trite to say that failure’s not an option. But I think as soon as team’s start realizing that THEY will make the difference, that they can control their own destiny, that they must do what’s right/best (and not someone else solving things for them)….only then will they realize the sense of empowerment, self-organizing –adapting –managing, and freedom we all so desperately need.

Paul Arrowood
Senior Project Manager

Thanks Paul!


Velonews Video Sucks
VeloNews has some cool video on their web site. It really sucks that they force me to watch them in their crappy browser instead of DL them to my HP (Or IPOD) or whatever.


Monday, July 03, 2006
As in 100 miles on the bike yesterday. Another record for me. Also not bad because Saturday I did 50 miles with the big dogs!

Sunday Terry and I hooked up for a ride to Sherman, which might as well be Oklahoma. Terry dragged along Kambiz, the dude with the unpronouncable name - I can spell it 'cause he sent me an email. Kamby dragged along Kevin, a cat who is dating his daughter so he pretty much was in for anything. However Kamby thought Kevin had "potential" so he took mercy on him and they both turned south at McKinney - approximately 20 miles into the ride.

Terry and I tagged up just past 49 miles on my counter. We had averaged 16.9 MPH for the ride north. However, we had wind and hills on the way back. All was good until about 75 miles. Terry was toast - I did my best to pull him along for the last 25 miles. I did not feel too bad at all.

Final Stats:

Distance: 100.09 Miles (Yes Terry the '1' works!)
Max Velocity: 28.3 MPH
Ave Velocity: 16.3 MPH
Duration: 6:09:27
Ave HR: 127 BPM
Max HR: 160 BPM


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