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Monday, July 03, 2006
As in 100 miles on the bike yesterday. Another record for me. Also not bad because Saturday I did 50 miles with the big dogs!

Sunday Terry and I hooked up for a ride to Sherman, which might as well be Oklahoma. Terry dragged along Kambiz, the dude with the unpronouncable name - I can spell it 'cause he sent me an email. Kamby dragged along Kevin, a cat who is dating his daughter so he pretty much was in for anything. However Kamby thought Kevin had "potential" so he took mercy on him and they both turned south at McKinney - approximately 20 miles into the ride.

Terry and I tagged up just past 49 miles on my counter. We had averaged 16.9 MPH for the ride north. However, we had wind and hills on the way back. All was good until about 75 miles. Terry was toast - I did my best to pull him along for the last 25 miles. I did not feel too bad at all.

Final Stats:

Distance: 100.09 Miles (Yes Terry the '1' works!)
Max Velocity: 28.3 MPH
Ave Velocity: 16.3 MPH
Duration: 6:09:27
Ave HR: 127 BPM
Max HR: 160 BPM


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A great time! Especially after riding 50 with the big dogs.

Good of you to keep Terry rolling. I know how that last 10 miles seems to stretch on forever!
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