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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
A shot in the ass
Several weeks ago I went back for my follow up visit with Dr. Fleischmann. Fleischmann reported that I did not have Ankylosing Spondylitis. Nor did I have a B27 marker. So I suppose that is good news, although it did not help my SI problem. So then it was back to , who remained fairly consistent in his treatment plan: he recommended that I get at least one Cortisone shot in my SI.

I discussed the concerns that were raised by Coach Vaughan which were primarily that the injections could make me more susceptible to injury. Sterling felt like that was only true if you were doing more than three a year. Also Sterling noted that cortisone will deteriorate cartilage in the knee. But stressed that was not that case with the SI.

Sterling also reconsidered the bone scan and/or MRI of the SI. Basically he felt like the problems that those tests would show at this point would all be treated by Cortisone. I should also note that Fleischmann was supportive of the Cortisone treatment plan.

The shot itself takes you out of action for a whole day. This is because they knock you out (although its not required), and as I found out certain side effects may prevent normal function.

Dr. Yvonne Hughes was the anesthesiologist. She called me yesterday evening with the lecture on not taking food or water after midnight. Her treatment plan was to give me a morphine based pain killer with some valium and to knock me out for 8 minutes with . I grilled her on the alternatives to general anesthesia - and she told me that she could do it any way that I wanted.

This morning I had Fran drop me off at the Pain Management Center for my visit with . Dr. Hughes knocked me out as promised and Dr. Will injected me with a Cortisone and Lidocaine cocktail. Then they sent me home and told me not drive for 12 hours and no golf today.

My left leg is numb. And my ass still hurts.

Sterling told me that I could start running in two weeks. I am back to him for follow up the first week of August.


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