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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Getting Ready For the Tri Rock
Three days to go to the Tri Rock Triathlon. Frankly I am a bit freaked out.

Anyway - as I mentioned I installed the polar bike computer and tonight Reagan and I tested it out. I would have done this last night but it was actually raining when I left the office. The thunderstorm caused some power lines to drop on across the highway. That caused them to close the highway. Except I was still on the highway. For 90 minutes and not moving. Which meant that I spent two hours getting home. Which meant it was too dark to do any testing yesterday. But I digress.

So the polar is up and running and now hopefully I can report on my rides with all the metrics. Plus this new doohicky also has Cadence. Which I enjoy at the Gym on the trainers. Oh and there are no wires - so the cycle dude can't get pissed 0ff about my "dangerous wiring" habits. Although I am sure I must have something installed incorrectly in his opinion anyway.

And my helmet is up to spec.

And Serena gave me a training session about the transition area.

So that's pretty much it. Next up the Triathlon!


I can't wait to here how it goes. I also have the Polar monitor and love it.
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