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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Month in review
July was a pretty damn hectic month in the Hughes household. July 1st is the start of the new Soccer year and the date Marissa becomes a free agent. Last year this process caused quite a bit of stress on the Hughes Family. This year Marissa's coach Joe, told us that Marissa had a spot on his team again. That was all well and good, but until I had the contract in my hands, I would not rest easy. The other problem was that even if Marissa had a spot on the team - it was possible that the team would not have enough players to make. We went through this last year with the Longhorns. In the end we lost five players off of a 14 man roster - so things were looking dicey. Then on the first day of tryouts we had 21 girls show up. I was nervous about Joe keeping his word to Marissa. On day two Joe picked 16 players including Marissa. So that was one problem solved. Sheesh.

So with Marissa's soccer world sorted out it was time for some vacation. But since we did not really know when the whole soccer crap was gonna get sorted out - we had to make some last minute plans. So I took off of work the week of July 3. We spent one day out at Dinosaur Valley Park which is really cool because the girls can play in the River and see the Dinosaur tracks. Marissa and I chased some lizards that we don't have around the homestead. Later that week we piled into the excursion and blasted down to New Braunfels where we spent a day at Shlitterbahn.

Then, of course, it was back to work to find that my team had made some questionable choices in my absence. And working my ass off to get caught up.

The weekend of the 21st was nuts, as Marissa had a soccer tournament in far south west Arlington - which is half way round the universe and Reagan also had two games in Addison. So Reagan played her first game friday night at Inwood which I covered. Then we drove to god forsaken South West Arlington for Marissa's friday night game. Saturday we drove back to South West Arlington for Marissa's second game. Then Reagan and I drove back to Inwood for her game. And then back to Arlington for Marissa's last game. Sheesh. That was five games in 26 hours and hundreds of miles BTW. We got home at 10:30pm Saturday night. Which is when I got the message from my UVM roommate Andy.

The message on the machine said bad news. Which is generally not good news. Andy lives in NYC so it was 11:30pm his time. But bad news gives ya the right to call late right? Right. Our other roommate and soul brother, David Phillips had jumped to his death off of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Needless to that send me into a huge depression and a state of shock.

I headed up to Maryland that Monday night July 24, where I hooked up with Andy and Jeff. I got into BWI around 10:30pm. Jeff and I hooked up at the Red Roof Inn where we proceeded to slam down some beer while waiting for Andy. Andy arrived at 12:30 just as they were kicking us out of the bar. But we got some directions to a seedy joint called "Howard's" in Glen Burnie where we proceeded to slam down some more beer until they threw us outta that place at 2:00am. This was all a very weird Deja Vu because last year my first cousin Ozzie died and I flew to BWI and attended his service in a church that was just around the corner from Howard's.

Tuesday the three us attended David's Funeral and the reception that followed. All of which of course was very sad. From there I high tailed down to Silver Spring and spent a couple of hours with my mom and then up to G-Burg where I spent a few hours with my dad. Then back to the BWI Red Roof Inn because my flight back to Dallas was scheduled for 0-Dark-Thirty in the AM. (And of course I missed that flight.)

Anyway, like I said July has been pretty hectic.

Now my intention when I sat down to write this post was to update my July Training Calendar. But its almost midnight. And this freaking blog entry is too long as it is. Lemme just add that I got a buncha really good rides and lots of swimming mixed in - believe it or not! So I guess I will post all of that tomorrow. Hopefully.


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