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Monday, August 21, 2006
The New Drive Through at Jay's
This just in from Dad (Jake) and Stepmom (Carol) about their recent trip to Vermont (The Bridges in Warren, VT to be exact):
Ok, I said that bad things came in threes. Here is the countdown.
1. Day one and two in the nineties and NO air conditioning anywhere in Vermont.
After the first week which was both rainy and hot, temps leveled off to the high 70's and the weather was fabulous.
2. Also Jake had the four day nasty head cold syndrome. Worst, more like chills & fever flu like for Carol.
3. We had just gone into Jay's Restaurant to get lunch. We were sitting in the front booth looking at menus.
An older driver (80 plus) from Florida, parking his rental car, stomped the accelerator instead of the brake.
He drove up over a stone curbing and launched his large sedan through the side of the building.
Car was pointed directly at Carol. It sounded like an explosion when the car hit the building.
The large plate glass window at our booth crashed inward, shattering in hundreds of pieces like a glass waterfall.
Carol had to go to the local "health care center" because the nearest hospital (Burlington) was 1 1/2 hours drive.
At the health care center, a nurse-physician picked the glass pieces out of both legs.
She Dermabonded the largest cut, about three inches long. on Carol's calf.
The Dermabond couldn't get wet; therefore, it kept Carol out of the pool for the rest of our vacation.
Although he was covered with glass pieces and dust, Jake wasn't hurt at all.
No one else in the restaurant was injured, although there was glass dust and glass pieces everywhere.
Later an adjuster for Sate Farm Insurance asked if we had gone to the Hospital Emergency Room and had seen a doctor.
We told him to get real, that in most of Vermont if you could see the local vet you were lucky and ahead of the game.
The insurance matters are still to be resolved; to be continued on this.
We still can't believe we emerged with eyes, and hands, and life intact!
Miraculously, we escaped with relatively little damage. All guardian angels were working overtime and on turbo charge.
All the locals are telling Jay's that it is time to add a drive thru window. Ah, Vermont country humor
In spite of the bad threes, we still had a great vacation. Vacationing in Vermont is almost like going to a different country.
But a nice clean easy going country. Already miss it.


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