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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Oh I forgot to mention..
..that I have signed up for a freaking triathalon.

Please question my sanity at this point, considering that I have not run one step since February (Feb 27th to be exact).

The good news is that the whole event is pretty tame: 300 yard swim, which I predicted 4:25, 14 mile bike which I should be fairly competent at, and 2.9 mile run (yes 2.9 miles - only Iron Jack knows why its that goofy distance.) I have no idea how fit I can get for that 2.9 mile run - but sometimes ya just gotta throw caution to the wind.

Fran's only comment was that, "Don't come crying to me when your hip starts hurting." Where is the love I ask you??


OK, consider your sanity questioned!

need a cheering section? *S*
> OK, consider your sanity questioned!

Thank you.

> need a cheering section? *S*

You bet. I need all the help I can get!
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