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Sunday, August 27, 2006
Tri The Rock
The Tri Rock is completed. This was my first ever Triathlon. In the Sport of Triathlon this is a puny race - 300 yard Swim, 14 mile bike, 2.9 Mile Run. But it is what it is. I survived.

Of course my faithful readers know that I have been swimming and biking but I think that I have run only six times since February!

I got up before 5am and drove over to Rockwall arriving just before 6am. I unloaded the bike and grabbed a bag of stuff and made my way to the transistion area. I was number 43 - which was based on projected swim time. I had projected 4:25 for the swim.

After a lot of milling around and two visits to the portapot for me - we lined up at the pool. The starter was firing people off every 10 seconds. With one swimmer in front of me she paused the start allowing the first lane to clear. It was up and back in each lane then over. That was excellent for me because it meant clear sailing. No one passed me in the pool and I passed one person on the last length. We had to exit the pool at the deep end so there were these two dudes who yanked you out. The mat for the transition area was a good 20 yard sprint from the pool and I passed one person there! So my total swim time was 4:37.9 - which given the sprint meant I was probably pretty damn close to 4:25 in the water. I was 31st overall in the swim which meant I was faster than 12 sandbaggers in the swim projections.

At the transition I put on my glasses, headband, helmet, socks and shoes. Then I struggled to get my damn shirt on. Finally I pulled the bike and sprinted to the bike start. I passed another person in the transition area. My Transition time was 2:17.4 - almost half my swim time. And the slowest transition time in the top 55. I should be able to make up 60-90 seconds here.

The bike course was rolling. It seemed like it was always uphill into the wind. I had hoped to do 20MPH+ plus on the bike. I figured that to place I would need 22MPH. I passed eight on the bike and I got passed by seven. Coming into the transition I got my bike stopped perfectly and clicked out of my right pedal and promptly fell over to the left - I am still a complete idiot on the bike. I was sixtieth in the bike with a time of 43:04.4 at 19.5 MPH. I felt like I was 100% throughout the bike - but I would need to get a few more minutes out of the bike to get 22MPH.

The next transition was easier - rack the bike - loose the helmet headband, gloves (which I put on after I had started riding (photo here)), and switch shoes. 1:13 total T2 time. which was not the slowest of the top 55 - it was the second slowest. Sheesh. So thats clearly 30-40 seconds I need to work on for T2.

Then the run. It was hotter than hell. And I was pretty much toast. I was sure I must have run 6 miles when the first mile mark came up. I survived the run in 62 place and almost 22 minutes. Now I should easily be able to run this in under 19 (with training that is). So lets say three minutes were left in the run. Three people passed me in the run and I passed no one.

So my total time was 1:13.05.9 good for 55th overall, 50th men, and 5th in my age group. I needed just over 7 minutes to place - so if I can pick up 2 in transition, 3 in the run - thats a no brainer - then that means I just 2 more minutes on the bike. That seems reasonable for sure. Also in case you have not been keepinig count I passed 11 and was passed by 10 - so net one for me!

Update: Date from my bike computer: Max Speed 29.7 Ave CAD 96, Max CAD 112


It seems to me that you seem to fall over on the bike a lot. LOLOL! Congrats on the race. Nice report!
Yes I do. Something I am not proud of.
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