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Thursday, September 28, 2006
ITIL Foundation Certification
Our VP has mandated that everyone receive ITIL Foundation Certification by years end. All drugged up on cold medicine, I spent two days suffering in the coldest conference room on the planet in an attempt to get trained up on the fascinating topic of Information Technology Infrastructure Library. Only the British could have come up with a topic so dry. Today feeling much better, I took the exam. With any luck in the next week or two I will receive my lapel pin. Now won't I look posh!


Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Dennison Dash Triathlon Race Report
Tri number two is in the bag. Its a long story, and sadly starts more than a week before the race.

Finishing off last week's workouts was punishing. Friday I ran 60 minutes in the evening, and then Saturday morning I was up at O Dark Thirty and rode for four hours into complete and total dehydration, Sunday should have been a recovery day, but for some reason it felt good to hammer on the Lifecycle for 45 minutes at over 20 MPH. Which meant that Monday should have been recovery, but I did another 60 minute run at noon in the sun and getting a nice sunburn to show for it. As a result of those workouts I could feel that I was nearing a stress point when I should be tapering for the race. Tuesday I hit the pool and did 500 warmup, 250 TT (4:00) and 500 cooldown. I took Wednesday as rest. Thursday I did 30 minutes jogging easy. And then Friday rest.

But, all was not well. The brakes on Fran's truck were metal on metal. The pirates at NTB wanted $1000 to fix them. Instead I put the car on blocks on Monday night, and I worked on that sucker Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after I came home from work. That added more stress to the mix.

And I won't even go into the madness I face at the office. Let's just say that I have been heavily involved in the work leading to this announcement.

And if that were not enough stress, I had allergies flaring up and making me feel like crap. A pretty common pattern for me would be to get physically stressed, which would result in the allergies triggering a cold or sinus infection. I felt so bad on Thursday, that I did a pre-emptive strike with the cold medicine before I went to bed. Friday I continued to feel like crap and by the evening my left foot and knee both were hurting badly. This was strange since its my left hip that is the source of my usual pain. Heading into race day, I was not confident about my physical condition.

On race day I got up at 0430. My gear was in the car, so I whipped up a cappucino for the ride over to Terry's place. I pumped the tires on the bike, which was already in the back of the truck. I got to Terry's at 0515, loaded my gear and bike into his van, then we headed to the QuickTrip for some coffee to get us Dennison. We got to Dennison at 0630, unloaded the gear and bikes and hauled all the crap to the transition area. Surprisingly I felt pretty damn good. In fact I felt perfect and ready to race! It was very strange given how bad I felt all week.

At the TriRock, I had hit the swim hard, gone anaerobic and I never recovered. In other words, I had pushed my HR pretty damn high in the swim, then I hopped on the bike and just hammered away, but was just way over anaerobic threshold. I did not warm up at all for that race - and I had thought that was a huge error. So my plan was to do 500 meters warmup in the pool before the race. So once I got my transition area set I headed to the pool to warmup. Terry laughed at me, but in spite of his mockery I did my 500 and it felt pretty damn good.

Side note - for the warmup I picked and lane and did 20 laps. All the rest of the triathlon yahoos started on one side of the pool and worked their way across to the other side. I was oblivious to this when I got in the pool. And only after encountering several people swimming into and exiting my lane did I figure that out. I swear I am such a rookie. Its sad really.

At 0730 IronJack called the race meeting. No sooner did he start laying our the rules for the event is when the heavens opened and the good lord threw at us sheets of rain, bolts of lightning and roaring thunder. Holy Crap!

It poured down rain for over two hours. At around 0930 the rain stopped. I went out to check on my gear. My shoes, running, biking and the ones that I wore to the event were full of water. Socks? Soaked. Towels? Soaked. I squeezed what water I could from the gear and hung as much stuff on the bike and/or rack that I could. As I was doing this, I heard a huge bang - like a gun shot. I looked around. One of the bikes in the next rack behind me had blown an inner tube. As the storm front had passed we had gone from low to high barometric pressure and it was enough of a change to blow this dudes tire. After I had finished jacking with my gear I went to investigate and by that time the guy who owned the bike had turned up and was dumping the water out of his shoes. As he was oblivious to the flat, I told him that his tire had blown. It was actually good news since he now had time to do something about it.

At 0945 Jack decided that the show would go on with one modification - the run was trimmed down from 3.5 miles to 2.0 miles. Given my running base - I figured that was good for me! They eliminated the trail run portion of the event - since the trail was probably crap at that point. About 10 minutes later the first swimmer hit the water about three hours after my warmup. So much for that strategy!

While we waiting around I met this one cat named Chad. He was 45 (in my age group) and he looked pretty damn fit. Chad had number 69 and he was thinking that he would start later in the swim, to give the roads a chance to dry. He wanted to bet that he could make up whatever time he lost in the swim on dryer roads. I decided that I did not have enough experience to make that call and that starting behind slower swimmers would just make me nuts.

Speaking of slower swimmers the two guys in front of me (#29 and #31) began to apologize before the race for having incorrect seed times. The first guy was clueless on how to convert yards to meters. Basically he had a 4:40 300 yard swim time, and he added 10 seconds to get to meters. The correct factor would have been closer to 25 seconds. The second guy had just lobed a time out there. Since this was supposed to be a lake swim he figured it did not matter. I should have told them to move back in the line but did not . Small mistake.

I hit the water and by the second length I had caught up to #31. Passing in the pool with people swimming in both directions is challenging. It took me another 25 meters and a lung full of water with a near head on collision before I got by him. After another length I stopped on the turn. He was way behind and the next dude was way ahead. Cool. I took a few deep breaths before continuing. I did the same after the next 50 meters. Then some how #29 had begun to fad badly. Crap. I was going to have to pass him. Which I did with some addition trepidation. And then it was 75 meters to the finish. I climbed out of the pool and headed to the bike. I definitely felt like I controlled the swim better than I had at TriRock.

At the TriRock my first transition was 2:17, the slowest in the top 100. I was determined to do better. My big improvement in this regard was to wear no shirt. I guess if you want to wear a top you should swim in it. At the TriRock I attempted to get my shirt on after the swim. I had also stupidly put on my helmet before the shirt - so I had to undo the helmet then the shirt then the helmet. Sheesh! For Dennison I ran over to my gear, Sock, Sock, Shoe, Shoe, Clip on the race belt. I usually wear a headband under the helmet, but at that moment I decided to save myself several microseconds; I tossed the headband to the ground. Glasses, Helmet, chin strap, grab bike and run. I think it was faster, but the chick who was three or four behind me out of the pool was on her bike way before me. Sheesh!

But, I passed her back in fairly short order. The road was slick, but not too bad. The bike ride was hilly, with some wind. There were a bunch of turns some of them kind of blind. On those I was more careful than I probably needed to be. Unlike the TriRock, I did not fell totally spent from the swim. And as a result I felt like I got stronger as the ride went along. In fact I passed three or four dudes in the last 10 minutes of the ride. I was passed by two or three.

Unlike the TriRock, I managed to clip out and get off the bike without falling over. Yea! Transition 2 was uneventful. Bike in, Helmet off, shoes off, wet shoes on. Go, Go, Go.

Whoaaaa! Rubber legs. What the heck? This was a totally new feeling. Weird! After a minute or so the legs came back. The run was basically up hill to the lake. Tag up at the lake and head back down hill to the finish. I have not had nearly enough time to work on anything except building base. I am generally good at powering up hill and I have long legs which helps on the down hill. I just kept thinking about generating turnover. One young dude blew by me as well as the eventual masters winner. But I passed a ton of people both up and back and for the first time since December I felt like I was running FAST! :-) So Happy!

So what's the bottom line? My goal was to place at TriRock but I was 7 minutes off the pace. The good news was that saving five minutes would be a no brainer - 2 in transition and 3 in the run. At Dennison I did place and It turned out that the yahoo who finished just ahead of me in my age group in the TriRock also finished in front of me today. The difference is that I was only two minutes behind him! In short it appears that the plan is working. And as mentioned I have done no speed or strength training for the run!

I finished the swim in 5:04 which was 13th overall. Pretty shocking really. In the T1 I dropped from 2:17 to 1:21. I picked up a minute there which was the plan. I improved the bike from 19.5MPH to 20.5 which was worth about 2.5 minutes. In T2 I shaved off a couple of seconds from 1:13 to 1:06. More work needed there. And in the run I improved from 7:32 pace to 6:57 pace - that was good for another minute. Given that I used to train at 6:57 pace - there is more work I can do on the run.


TriRock Dennison
Overall: 55th out of 375 (top 15%)30th out of 229 (top 13 %)
Age Group:5th out of 20 (top 25%)3rd out of 17 (top 18%)
Swim:31 out of 375 (top 8%)13 out of 229 (top 6%)
Bike:60 out of 375 (top 16%)43 out of 229 (top 19%)
Run:62 out of 372 (top 17%)35 out of 229 (top 15%)

Oh and remember Chad, #69, the guy who figured he would swim later and slower in hopes of making up that time on a dry road? I saw Chad after the race and asked him how that played out. He told me that he found his bike had a flat when he got to T1 and that he suspected foul play. (In retrospect, I think he may have been accusing me!) But, I think that Chad was another victim of the high pressure behind the storm front!


Saturday, September 23, 2006
Dennison Dash Triathlon Photos


Sunday, September 17, 2006
Workout Notes Week Ending Sept 17
Sept 11 - 2500 Swim - 500WU, 400TT (6:20), 100, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 - 52 minutes
Sept 12 - 4.8 mile run from lifetime dallas, 44 minutes, HR 141 ave, 160 max
Sept 13 - 40 min run - four loops of celebration park - 4.5 miles, HR 144 ave, 158 max
Sept 14 - Rest
Sept 15 - 60 min run at Sting - 7 miles - HR 163 ave, 181 max
Sept 16 - 4:08 bike - 70.2 miles - HR ave 154, 190 max; Velocity 16.9 ave, 34.1 max; Cad 81 ave, 120 max;
Sept 17 - 45 minutes Lifecycle; 16 miles.

Swim: 2500m
Run: 16.3 miles
Bike: 86.2 miles


Round Two
So I have been pondering an attempt at a second Triathlon. I had been thinking it would be the LACTri over in Flower Mound next Sunday. That is because I figured that the soccer gods generally have cursed my Saturday Mornings. But in strange twist of events - we have no AM soccer next Saturday. Furthermore, Fran and Logan want to do a "lock in" at the RISE soccer center Saturday night with Logan's team. As a result I am now officially signed up for the Dennison Dash.

Windows Vista Build 5536
I have been running Windows Vista on my primary home machine, a Dell Latitude C800. I had recently upgraded the drive on this system from a 4800 RPM drive to a 5600 RPM unit. As such I thought it might be a good time to check out Vista.

I did not play around with most of the cool new stuff like widgets. But I have a few initial impressions. First the UI is really cool. I could not find a driver for the NVidia card in this computer so I imagine its even cooler when you can run it on some accelerated hardware. Sadly I have this system sitting on my desk where I usually use two screens - the laptop display which is an awesome 1600x1200 panel and my trusty Samsung SyncMaster 213T, a 21 inch flat panel. Presumably because vista was running on the generic driver it could not sort out the dual head capability and only offered me one screen. Strike one.

So with one screen I forged ahead. IE 7 has added the tabbed browsing pioneered by Firefox eons ago. IE has kicked it up a notch with two minor improvements. First you can set multiple home pages. This is really cool. Fire up your browser and all of your primary sites are on line. With Saas coming into mainstream this is great. Tab 1 - email. Tab 2 - groups. Tab 3 - Blogger. Tab 4 RSS aggregator. You get the idea. Nice. The second thing I like about IE 7 is that when you right click on link and select "open in new tab" it opens that tab adjacent to the tab you are on. Firefox always opens the new tab last - which is never where you want it unless you were already on the right most tab.

Generally most of my browser pages worked in IE7 with one notable exception. In Blogger there is a screen called "edit posts" and it is a collection of your last n (n=50, 100, etc) blog posts. There is a triangle gizmo on each post which allows you to expand or collapse the content of that post. That is very handy and simply does not work in IE7. Strike two. (Also the home page for the application that my team builds (current working build) is broken in IE 7 - Note to self - get an engineer on that problem.)

The Windows Explorer has a cool improvement that I'll also comment on. The right hand tree view of folders automagically centers the view on the part of the tree that you are working with. By this I mean that there is no scroll bar that you have jack with to get tree centered. As the tree folds out to right and you scroll into that part of the tree - the view port moves to the right so you can see what you are doing. That makes for a very nice experience. Well done.

So the first and most critical application that I needed to install was my Polar Precision software. Basically this is the software that keeps track of my exercise logs and receives the data from my trusty Polar S610i. It is the software that also allows me to publish my HR profiles. I had no problem installing the software, updating it, and loading my data. It actually seems to work pretty well. Until I went to dump the data from my watch that is.

The watch hooks up via IR. The IR port on the latitude can see the watch, but someone is not talking. Just for grins I dug up another IR target I had around here and plugged it into the latitude and it could also see the 610 but could not carry on a conversation with it. Strike three - you're outta here!

So I will ghost off this build and reimage my XP back on this box. Then we can keep an eye on Vista until these problems are solved.

By the way - no crashes - Vista was very stable. But you can't say I stressed it that much.


Saturday, September 16, 2006
Holy Moley Its Humid!
August in Dallas is hot. There is really no getting around that fact. Its gonna be 100 degrees so figure out a way to deal with it. By Mid September it starts to cool off - which is great. However, when I got up this morning it was unbelievably humid. Dripping wet.

Last night Reagan had practice at Sting. I took that opportunity to do a 60 minute run at the complex. It seemed harder than it should have been - I was really pretty tired. This did not bode well for a long ride today. I tanked up on gatorade, but even in the middle of the night I was having some cramping in my calves.

This morning I got up at O Dark Thirty to head out for a solo ride. Terry was off in Colorado, Kamby was out, Paul was riding in Greenville and the big dogs don't ride at O Dark Thirty in September - since "the season is over."

I first headed west on Renner then came back and did the long east west loop through Sachse and Rowlett. On my way back I stopped at the house and tanked up the camelback. I was already soaked with just 30 miles under my belt. From the house I head to RBM to pick up one of the Saturday Rides. It looks like the 7:55 is no longer going from Bike Mart so I decided to head out with the 9:05 ride and see how long I could hang. I turned around before I got to bike Mart and headed back east waiting for those dudes to pass.

Finally just east of 75 they came zooming by. I hooked in. They were flying along at 25-30 MPH. I was able to hang with them until Park Vista - that hill separated me from the pack. Try as I might I could not get hooked back in. By the way my HR was running between 175 and 190 which is full anaerobic mode. I figured my best chance was cut across 78 south of the light where they would cross. If they got the red light I would have a chance.

Indeed they hit the light and I was able to sneak across 78 ahead of them. But when they came by I simply did not have the gas to hang with them for long. Finally I sat up on Miles Road.

My plan was to follow them to Merritt and Sachse where I might likely pick up the slower 9:10 group. And so I was very surprised when I found the 9:05 group stopped in a group on Merritt. Two riders had crashed including my buddy Scott who at 10 feet tall - hits hard when he falls off the bike. Anyway Scotts handlebars were broken and he had landed on his shoulder from the looks of his jersey anyway. He was probably lucky that he did not break a clavicle. Some other cat had also gone down and his wheel was completely folded up like a taco.

Now at this point I had about 57, 58 miles and my quad was cramping really bad. I should have headed home. But no I popped a third Tablyte electrolyte replace tab and decided to try to keep up again with the big dogs. I was Ok for about a mile then I fell off the back. So I turned off on pleasant valley and headed back home where I would be close to 70 miles. One other straggler named Darryl joined me. And when we got to the light at 78 the big dogs had caught back up! But there was no way that I was hanging with them this time. I pretty much limped it on in for the next few mile and to get to 70 miles I did a loop around the north side of renner road.

I had to stop at renner and carrington two blocks from home to yield to the traffic on renner. I had 70 miles on the odometer. I put down my right leg and both the calf and the quad camped. That leg was lock straight. I swear I could not move. The pain was excruciating. Some how I managed to climb off the bike which was laying in the street. I was laying on the grass rolling around on my back trying to get those camps worked out. Renner is a pretty busy street. Immediately one car stopped and two more cars circled back through the neighborhood to check on me. Its good to know that there is that kind of community support.

After a few minutes I was OK and peddled the remaining 200 meters to home and collapsed.

Compared to last weeks 70, this was a tough ride!

Duration: 4:09
HR: 154 ave, 190 max
Distance: 70.4
Velocity: 16.9 ave, 34.1 max
Cadence: 81 ave, 120 max


Monday, September 11, 2006
Workout Notes Week Ending Sept 10
Labor Day: 3000m swim - 5x100 warmup. 2x500. 400, 300, 200, 100, then 500 warmdown.
Sept 5: 42 minute run 4.8 miles. HR 149 ave, 172 max, 40 recovery.
Sept 6:
45 min LeMond Trainer- 14 miles, 118 ave CAD, HR 139 ave, 161 max, 42 recovery.
Sept 7: 2000 Swim - 3x100, 200 WU, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100, 500WD
Sept 8: 60 minute run. Not exactly this one but close. 7 miles. HR 160 ave, 178 max, 37 recovery.
Sept 9: Rest.
Sept 10: 70 miles bike. 4 hours. HR 141 ave, 173 max. Velocity 17.9 ave, 29.7 max. Cadence 87 ave, 111 max.

Swim: 5000 meters
Run: 11.8 miles
Bike: 84 miles


Fall Soccer Season Begins
Saturday was the start of fall soccer for the kids. Both Marissa and Logan's leagues started play this weekend. Reagan's league started play two weeks ago - but her first two games were rained out. Which is strange given that we are in the worst drought in the history of Big D. Anyway, that meant that Reagan's first league game was this weekend as well.

First up was Logan's team at 8:00am Saturday. They demolished a recreational team that should not be in the same division with all of the academy teams in PSA Soccer. Logan played the whole game. She started at right defender for the first quarter Then she played keeper. For the second half she played midfield and had a couple of shots on goal. Logan was pretty happy with her play and the victory. Next week she plays her old team and she is really looking forward to teaching them a soccer lesson!

With Logan's victory firmly in hand we hightailed it across Plano where at 0930 Marissa's team was fixing to take on the Evil Genesis 95 team. We got clobbered 0-5. True to form, Genesis fielded a team of huge 12 year olds equipped with boobs. Marissa's team is still mostly 11 years old and with a distinct lack of cleavage. Apparently several of our team members were sick including our sweeper who was seen throwing up on the sideline with 10 minutes left in the game. Marissa played better than most of her team members in my opinion, anyway. She was hustling for the ball and was called for a foul when she got trapped by two giant Genesis defenders. Go Missy!

Reagan's game was 5:00 pm on Sunday, so we had quite a bit of the weekend available to do non soccer stuff for a change! Reagan's team took on Texas Spirit. The game fairly quickly became a rout, with our side winning by at least 6 goals. Reagan played mid/forward and at one point had the ball right in front of the goal with no defenders nor the keeper anywhere in sight. Sadly she flubbed the shot! At any rate she was thrilled with the win, naturally.

Two big wins and one big loss. Not bad. This is what my weekends will be looking like for the next eight weeks!


Sunday, September 10, 2006
Marissa takes on Odyssey
Marissa takes on Odyssey


Tuesday, September 05, 2006
And this just in....
Big Headline in the Fort Worth Startlegram, "Rains delay demolition of cat house".

But wait, if you think you can still run down there to the 'cat house' and get a piece of action - no, it ain't that kind of cat house. Apparently the place was overrun by felines rather than hookers.

Still you gotta love the Startlegram's reporting: "Also, 29 raccoons and seven opossums were seized in the house, the authorities said."

Seized? What are the poor old 'coons felons?

I guess the possums must have been pimping out the pussys to the coons.

Tags: I don't think so...

Monday, September 04, 2006
Labor Day Weekend Workouts and a personanl best
Saturday kicked off with a 76 mile bike ride. Sunday I ran almost 7 miles in 60 minutes. That must be my longest run since February. It was kind of humid - but since it was cloudy - it was really pretty pleasant. It was great to run for an hour!

Today I hit the pool and did 3000 meters in about 65 minutes - which is a personal best! I did 5x100 warmup. 2x500. 400, 300, 200, 100, then 500 warmdown.

Those were three really nice workouts!

Plus Friday Sep 1: 1500 Swim (5x50, 250, 500, 5x100)


Saturday, September 02, 2006
Workout Notes and August Summary
Week Ending Aug 6
Swim: 3200 Meters
Bike: 90 Miles
Run: 3 miles

Week Ending Aug 13
Swim: 5500 Meters
Bike: 97 Miles
Run: 3 miles

Week Ending Aug 20
Aug 14: Swim 2500 - 500WU, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100, 500WD - 58 minutes.
Aug 15: 3 miles Jogging 30 min, 4.2 miles LeMond Trainer 15 min.
Aug 16: 30 min LeMond 105aveCAD 8.2mi 129aveHR 161maxHR
Aug 17: 43 min jogging Ave HR: Ave155, Max 185 , 100 degrees, 5.0 miles.
Aug 19: 2 RBM loops, 66 miles, HR 137ave, 193 Max.
Aug 20: Rest
Swim: 2500 Meters
Bike: 78 Miles
Run: 8 Miles

Week Ending Aug 27
Aug 21: 42 minutes jogging 5 miles HR ave 159, max 185, 100 degrees
Aug 22: 1500 Swim (500-400-300-200-100 )
Aug 23: 12.5mi LeMond 108aveCAD 17mphave 20mphMAX 137aveHR 168MAX hr Recovery 47
Aug 24: Rest
Aug 25: Rest
Aug 26: 30 miles with PACC Team Easy: 15.8 ave, 27.9 Max MPH 79 ave CAD, 112 Max CAD HR: 134 ave, 176 Max
Aug 27: Tri the Rock Triathlon 300yd swim, 14 mile bike, 2.9 mile run
Swim: 1800 Meters (OK I am too lazy to convert Yards to Meters. Big Whoop.)
Bike: 56 Miles
Run: 7.9 Miles

The Rest of August
Aug 28: 30 min bike 8.1 miles 103 ave CAD
Aug 30: 40 min jogging 5 miles HR: 158ave, 183 Max
Aug 31: 8.2 mile 107 ave CAD 17MPH ave 30 min
Swim: 1500 Meters
Bike: 16 miles
Run: 5 miles

August Totals
Swim: 11800 Meters
Bike: 337 Miles
Run: 27 Miles

Compared to July the Biking is down but the Run and Swim are up!


Long Ride with Paul, Terry and Kambiz
Two weeks ago I introduced Terry to the Plano Cycling Team specifically the yahoo's who I had been hooking up with for Saturday Rides. Today Terry dragged along Kambiz and I brought along Paul - a guy who's daughter trains with Reagan (gymnastics). In a surprising turn of events the Plano Cycling Guys, who are like clockwork with their rides - did not turn up!

Well no worries - I dragged them around the course. As we made our back towards Richardson Bike Mart (RBM), Kambiz dropped. I was telling Terry, that of the 7 or 8 times I have ridden with Kambiz - I think he has only finished two of those rides!

We got to RBM and I reloaded some GatorJuice into my camelback, downed a RedBull and we waited for the 8:55 group to leave. Except that they never left! Two strikes. So at that point Terry, Paul and I headed back home. Terry dropped when he got to his house with 50 miles. I told Paul that the 9:05 group - aka the Big Dog ride would surely be catching up with us and we should hook in with them and see how long we could hang. Paul was game. About the time we got to my house they were on our tail. We hooked in and started to hammer. All was good until we came to the first big hill. I pumped it up the hill and was slightly behind. I think I could have caught them but Paul was wasted.

So I waited for Paul. Paul and I rode at a good clip on a short cut to head the big dogs off at the pass. Paul was going to head home since this was getting close to his house. But I thought I might try to hook in again. Except we missed them.

So Paul dumped out and I turned off and headed back along the course. I passed a couple of stagglers and when I got back to Pleasant Valley I found two stragglers who were moving along pretty good. So I hooked in with the them and then went to the front a pushed up the pace. These two stayed with me and we did about 21MPH average for the next 10 miles. As we came back to my house I had 75 miles logged so I thanked those dudes and turned for home.

Duration: 4:25:36
HR: 145 Ave, 186 Max
Distance: 76.1 Miles
Velocity: 17.2 Ave, 32.1 Max
Cadence: 87 Ave, 125 Max



Friday, September 01, 2006
Equipment Review: Brooks Burn 3

I have been a big fan of the Burn Series, although I have missed the Mach 1, which the Burn replaced. Until now that is. I ordered a pair of the Burn 3 a couple of weeks ago and have run on them several times now. They are sweet. Very light, flexible lots of cushion. I think that this may be the best lightweight training shoe Brooks has ever made. Certainly the best one in a long time.

Also Five Stars. Joe Bob Sez Check It Out!


Equipment Review: Nike Remora III

I have been swimming with a pair of Speedo Pro goggles. They have been OK - but really I had to mess with them pretty much for half a swim before I got them fitted. Everytime. The only exception was the Triathlon. But that might be because I was preoccupied. Anyway - the speedos are misplaced. I am sure that they will turn up. But I could not find them and I needed to swim.

So I went to Academy and picked up these Nike Remoras. They are spectacular. I put them on and jumped in. No fuss. And I could see much better for my whole swim. No adjustments.

Five Stars. Joe Bob Sez Check It Out!


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