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Saturday, September 16, 2006
Holy Moley Its Humid!
August in Dallas is hot. There is really no getting around that fact. Its gonna be 100 degrees so figure out a way to deal with it. By Mid September it starts to cool off - which is great. However, when I got up this morning it was unbelievably humid. Dripping wet.

Last night Reagan had practice at Sting. I took that opportunity to do a 60 minute run at the complex. It seemed harder than it should have been - I was really pretty tired. This did not bode well for a long ride today. I tanked up on gatorade, but even in the middle of the night I was having some cramping in my calves.

This morning I got up at O Dark Thirty to head out for a solo ride. Terry was off in Colorado, Kamby was out, Paul was riding in Greenville and the big dogs don't ride at O Dark Thirty in September - since "the season is over."

I first headed west on Renner then came back and did the long east west loop through Sachse and Rowlett. On my way back I stopped at the house and tanked up the camelback. I was already soaked with just 30 miles under my belt. From the house I head to RBM to pick up one of the Saturday Rides. It looks like the 7:55 is no longer going from Bike Mart so I decided to head out with the 9:05 ride and see how long I could hang. I turned around before I got to bike Mart and headed back east waiting for those dudes to pass.

Finally just east of 75 they came zooming by. I hooked in. They were flying along at 25-30 MPH. I was able to hang with them until Park Vista - that hill separated me from the pack. Try as I might I could not get hooked back in. By the way my HR was running between 175 and 190 which is full anaerobic mode. I figured my best chance was cut across 78 south of the light where they would cross. If they got the red light I would have a chance.

Indeed they hit the light and I was able to sneak across 78 ahead of them. But when they came by I simply did not have the gas to hang with them for long. Finally I sat up on Miles Road.

My plan was to follow them to Merritt and Sachse where I might likely pick up the slower 9:10 group. And so I was very surprised when I found the 9:05 group stopped in a group on Merritt. Two riders had crashed including my buddy Scott who at 10 feet tall - hits hard when he falls off the bike. Anyway Scotts handlebars were broken and he had landed on his shoulder from the looks of his jersey anyway. He was probably lucky that he did not break a clavicle. Some other cat had also gone down and his wheel was completely folded up like a taco.

Now at this point I had about 57, 58 miles and my quad was cramping really bad. I should have headed home. But no I popped a third Tablyte electrolyte replace tab and decided to try to keep up again with the big dogs. I was Ok for about a mile then I fell off the back. So I turned off on pleasant valley and headed back home where I would be close to 70 miles. One other straggler named Darryl joined me. And when we got to the light at 78 the big dogs had caught back up! But there was no way that I was hanging with them this time. I pretty much limped it on in for the next few mile and to get to 70 miles I did a loop around the north side of renner road.

I had to stop at renner and carrington two blocks from home to yield to the traffic on renner. I had 70 miles on the odometer. I put down my right leg and both the calf and the quad camped. That leg was lock straight. I swear I could not move. The pain was excruciating. Some how I managed to climb off the bike which was laying in the street. I was laying on the grass rolling around on my back trying to get those camps worked out. Renner is a pretty busy street. Immediately one car stopped and two more cars circled back through the neighborhood to check on me. Its good to know that there is that kind of community support.

After a few minutes I was OK and peddled the remaining 200 meters to home and collapsed.

Compared to last weeks 70, this was a tough ride!

Duration: 4:09
HR: 154 ave, 190 max
Distance: 70.4
Velocity: 16.9 ave, 34.1 max
Cadence: 81 ave, 120 max


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