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Saturday, September 02, 2006
Long Ride with Paul, Terry and Kambiz
Two weeks ago I introduced Terry to the Plano Cycling Team specifically the yahoo's who I had been hooking up with for Saturday Rides. Today Terry dragged along Kambiz and I brought along Paul - a guy who's daughter trains with Reagan (gymnastics). In a surprising turn of events the Plano Cycling Guys, who are like clockwork with their rides - did not turn up!

Well no worries - I dragged them around the course. As we made our back towards Richardson Bike Mart (RBM), Kambiz dropped. I was telling Terry, that of the 7 or 8 times I have ridden with Kambiz - I think he has only finished two of those rides!

We got to RBM and I reloaded some GatorJuice into my camelback, downed a RedBull and we waited for the 8:55 group to leave. Except that they never left! Two strikes. So at that point Terry, Paul and I headed back home. Terry dropped when he got to his house with 50 miles. I told Paul that the 9:05 group - aka the Big Dog ride would surely be catching up with us and we should hook in with them and see how long we could hang. Paul was game. About the time we got to my house they were on our tail. We hooked in and started to hammer. All was good until we came to the first big hill. I pumped it up the hill and was slightly behind. I think I could have caught them but Paul was wasted.

So I waited for Paul. Paul and I rode at a good clip on a short cut to head the big dogs off at the pass. Paul was going to head home since this was getting close to his house. But I thought I might try to hook in again. Except we missed them.

So Paul dumped out and I turned off and headed back along the course. I passed a couple of stagglers and when I got back to Pleasant Valley I found two stragglers who were moving along pretty good. So I hooked in with the them and then went to the front a pushed up the pace. These two stayed with me and we did about 21MPH average for the next 10 miles. As we came back to my house I had 75 miles logged so I thanked those dudes and turned for home.

Duration: 4:25:36
HR: 145 Ave, 186 Max
Distance: 76.1 Miles
Velocity: 17.2 Ave, 32.1 Max
Cadence: 87 Ave, 125 Max



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